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Business Videos: ACLAS

ACLAS is a global leader for the supply of aircraft consumables, rotables and airframe spares. Specialising in the supply of spares and support for the ATR series of regional turboprop, ACLAS holds one of the world’s most extensive inventories of ATR spares and components.

ACLAS needed a video which could communicate their dynamic response to grounded aircraft.

They wanted the video to have a narrative and to communicate the process that makes up their service, however they wished to do this without the use of a voiceover or talking heads.

This would enable the video to be used at trade fairs and without sound. It would also allow the video to be used in different countries and have appeal to non-english speaking potential business partners.

Dragonfly was only given two days to shoot this video and a working week to turn the entire project around.

The footage was shot at Edinburgh Airport where ACLAS were involved in the repair of a grounded aircraft. The footage, although cinematic, was filmed in a observational style and was taken of an authentic repair taking place.

The engineers on screen were all genuinely working to repair the aircraft and Dragonfly was not able to direct the action, only observe. Despite these time restrictions, the team was still able to produce

something truly stunning.

With this video, ACLAS had the key objective of communicating to prospective clients at aviation trade fairs.

We worked with ACLAS to develop a system using Bluetooth technology to push the video to the mobile devices of passers-by at these events.

This required that our team achieve the correct balance between quality video and small files sizes, to enable a fast transfer to users’ mobile devices.

The video is being used on the ACLAS website and has received 14,371 plays to date. The client has received many compliments on the effectiveness of the video and the innovative use of mobile technology. The video has been shown at global aviation trade fairs in places such as Madrid, Paris, Farnborough and Hong Kong and is generating exceptional return on investment.

“Dragonfly surpassed our expectations in terms of what could be achieved in a short time frame. The final film has such high production quality and has played an invaluable role in our marketing strategy. Huge talent and incredible results.”

Tom Dalton ACAS

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