Video Production Services

Providing extraordinary video production services for some of the world’s leading brands. Dragonfly focus on insight led video content with specific objectives and results for our clients.

Branded Video Content

Branded Video Content

Dragonfly specialise in cinematic grade documentary style branded content, focused on compelling storytelling.

Promotional videos

Dragonfly help our clients develop the perfect visual narrative for their brand.


Video advertising which is memorable, effective with magnetic results.

Peroni Video Editing Project

Dragonfly worked with M&C Saatchi and Peroni on a promotional video, celebrating flavour and punctuating the Italian style of their brand.

Post Production

VIDEO editing services

By interrogating a desired result, Dragonfly develop video advertising campaigns which are wholly outcome-focused.

Dragonfly’s Animation Studio

Dragonfly’s animations are beautiful, powerful and goosebumps memorable.
Animating a great video takes an exceptional team, a unique creative approach and a service designed with wriggle-room.

Corporate video production

Talking head video content enables you to communicate in a way that is insightful, inspiring, emotional and compelling.

Talking Head Video Services

Talking head video content enables you to communicate in a way that is insightful, inspiring, emotional and compelling.

Explainer Video Mobile

Explainer Video Service

Succinct, crisp and solid scripts. Tone & pitch carefully directed at your target audience. A Dragonfly explainer video engages, informs and excites.



Dragonfly don’t only produce videos, we create thought provoking concepts and manage campaigns that stick.

Engaging with our clients in results focused sessions can really draw the best out of both of us.


Location Filming

Location Filming Services

We have a global network of outstanding videographers, with an eye for cinematic footage. No matter where the location, we have you covered.

Creative Services

overarching creative strategy
Creating ideas that connect
Boom, there it is, that feeling when you know you’ve hit the mark.

Dragonfly’s Video Marketing services

video campaigns that stick
Strategic video marketing puts the spotlight on your brand and expands your reach
Start conversations. Stack up social shares. Go viral

Video Production Services

Creative Assembly

Video content introducing Creative Assembly’s work and internal team to a global audience.

LEH School

A cinematic promotional video capturing the sence of community at Lady Eleanor Holles school.

Joseph Giles

Showcasing the various crafts and traditional techniques used by Joseph Giles.

FISH 4 Jobs

Dragonfly produced this striking 2d animated explainer using vector artwork.