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With an explainer video taking centre stage on your website, you need to make sure it counts.

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ANIMATED explainers

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Dragonfly’s explainer videos are in an entirely different league. 

Animation which is eye catching, sticky and unforgettable – cutting through the noise.

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Explainer VideoAdvertising

Animated commercials are a powerful modern marketing tool and the future of digital advertising.

Video ads offer unique opportunities to engage and convert prospects, driving an increase in engagement, clicks and a notable increase in results.

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Video Marketing

Animated marketing videos increase the chances of being seen on Google by 58%. Search engines love video.

More clicks, More likes, More follows!

Explainervideo service

A cluttered marketing landscape means campaigns can lack focus and therefore impact.

Easily digestible and engaging format and can simply illustrate large amounts of content.

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Motion Design Services

Cutting through the waffle and make the complex simple.

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3D Animation services

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Dragonfly’s 3D product visualisation service animate from your existing CAD data.

Demonstrate technical products and their features with photo-realistic renders, which are both striking and memorable.

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Communicate with your audience in a way that deeply connects.


Motion design

This explainer video was commissioned by The British Medical Association to communicate to their members.

2D Animation

Dragonfly produced this striking 2d animated explainer using vector artwork. Along with a punchy script, this style of animation really caught attention.

Hand Drawn Animation

A hand drawn explainer video, made for children and produced for National Insect Week. The traditional animation techniques used show real artistic merit. 


Isometric animation is a great way to make explainer videos look slick, modern and cool. A combination of 2D animation and 3D elements.