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Success Stories


A person is sitting alone against a wall, head down in distress. The background shows a misty environment. The text reads, "British Transport Police - A Powerful Social Campaign." This impactful image, supported by video production services, conveys a message of support and awareness for mental health and social issues.

Dragonfly worked with The British Transport Police to tackle anti-social behaviour, with a clever video campaign to raise awareness.

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A collage of four images: the first shows a rough-looking man and a decrepit house with the text “RESIDENT EVIL”; the second is Santa wearing a VR PlayStation headset with a Christmas tree in the background; the third features cartoon people created by our video production service; the fourth is a blank white space.
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A cartoon figure with a puzzled expression in a dark shirt, holding a wrench to his face, stands in front of the text "Morrison Staff Training" on a dark background, highlighting the company's comprehensive video production services.
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We were thoroughly impressed by the Dragonfly team’s ability to create a unique and engaging training video.

An image depicting five evenly spaced, gray, five-pointed stars arranged in a horizontal row on a transparent background, perfect for highlighting the excellence of our video production services.

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Award Winning Video Production

Dragonfly’s creative team have been recognised and celebrated, having won several industry awards. Our unique process constantly leads to a winning formula.

An image featuring five white award laurels set against a transparent background, showcasing recognitions including Best Winner in a 2019 film festival, Winner at a New York film festival in 2019, and other film competition awards from Los Angeles and Accolade Film Awards, highlighting top-notch video production services.
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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.