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A stylized planet with swirling colors of yellow, orange, and pink against a blue backdrop serves as the perfect canvas for video advertising. Overlaid on the planet are the white words “Planet Theta” with a simple, abstract logo to the left.
A logo featuring a stylized planet with a gradient of warm colors (yellow, orange, and red), outlined in white against a purple and blue gradient background. "PLANET THETA" is written in white over the planet, next to a simplified planet icon, perfect for dynamic video advertising campaigns.


The objective was to introduce a new way of dating in the Metaverse. Our creatives focused in on how effective a matchmaker this new platform is and showcased the likelihood of a successful relationship in the real world.

A man and a woman wearing virtual reality headsets are interacting while glowing lines and dots connect them. The text "VR DATING" is prominently displayed above them, set against a dark background with a vibrant, digital ambiance, making it perfect for video advertising.

Exciting developments with virtual reality tech, inspired our client to develop a platform to enable dating in the Metaverse.


The commercial was designed to appeal to those who may have given up on dating apps. Our concept focused around a heart-warming story, a successful relationship which was founded in the Metaverse.

A clipboard holds a piece of paper with typed text describing a story. The introduction reads: "An older woman is sat at the table surrounded by family members. Her husband hands her a box containing an old VR headset. As she puts on the headset, reminiscent of vintage video advertising, she is transported back in time.

The visual narrative for the commercial was first crafted on paper and mapped out by our talented storyboard artist. Sketching out proposed scenes enabled our team to get things looking right, before heading out on location.

A person wearing a virtual reality headset interacts with a vibrant, virtual environment. The background is filled with colorful, glowing patterns, and the text "Creating a Virtual Reality World" is prominently displayed, making it perfect for dynamic video advertising.

A cinematic quality was critical to the success of this commercial campaign.


Filmed on location in South Africa, the production team were able to utilise a number of beauty-spots, which provided the perfect backdrop for a love story.

A person wearing a virtual reality headset interacts with a holographic image of an illuminated globe, using their right hand to touch it. The individual is dressed in a black shirt, and the background is partially transparent, creating a captivating scene perfect for video advertising.
Silhouettes of a man and woman facing each other with the ocean and a setting sun in the background. Birds are flying, and the text "A LOVE STORY" is prominently displayed across the top. Warm, glowing colors enhance the romantic mood, creating an ideal scene for video advertising.
Silhouettes of a couple kissing against a sunset sky with a bird flying in the background. The video advertising includes large white text above them that reads "A LOVE STORY." The scene conveys romance and warmth with the sun casting a soft glow around the pair.


Music was written for this commercial. The track was composed specifically for our commercial, to ensure the music pulled heartstrings in the right direction.

A dynamic waveform graph with undulating blue and purple lines against a green background. The lines form peaks and valleys, creating a 3D effect with intersecting curved paths, resembling a digital or sound wave visual representation ideal for video advertising.
Abstract digital art featuring a series of green and white curved, wave-like lines on a dark background. The lines flow smoothly and create a sense of movement and depth, producing an undulating pattern that varies in thickness and spacing—perfect for dynamic video advertising backgrounds.
TARGETTED AT A Female audience

Designed to appeal to a female audience, who often talk about traditional dating apps failing to deliver and being dangerous. We knew a ‘success story’ would appeal. This is VR matchmaking working out well.

A woman with long hair wears a virtual reality headset in a dark, blue-lit environment. She is seen in profile, facing left, with the headset covering her eyes and extending around her head, creating an immersive experience perfect for video advertising.
female audience
Silhouette of a person operating a camera with a blurred background of blue and purple hues. Large white text at the top reads 'BEHIND THE SCENES.' Perfectly capturing the essence of video advertising.
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Developing a commercial for a world first is was a real privilege and the resulting video advertisement really hit the mark. Take a look at the finished video by using the player below.

Developing a commercial for a world first is was a real privilege. Take a look at the finished video.



Dragonfly knocked this one out of the park! The commercial they created hit all the right notes and conjured up a perfect emotional response.

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.