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Animated poster for "Dragonfly" depicting three characters: a girl in a VR headset, a girl looking up in awe, and a boy gazing upwards with wonder. The background is a starry sky and the title "DRAGONFLY" is prominently displayed to the right, showcasing the creativity of top video production companies.
Three animated characters in front of a starry background look upwards towards the text "DRAGONFLY." The character on the left wears a VR headset, the middle one gazes up with a hopeful expression, and the character on the right appears curious and intrigued. A top video production company London ensures this captivating scene comes to life.


Dragonfly: Leading video production company in London, delivering top-notch video solutions that grab’s your audience by the eye-balls.


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We’re a full-service video production company in London, providing end-to-end solutions for all creative campaigns. Specialising in bespoke, eye catching video content that delivers more clicks, more sales and more likes.

Dragonfly Awards
A person with long hair gazes upward with a look of wonder. The background is dark with specks of light, giving a cosmic feel. The text "WHY DRAGONFLY?" is prominently displayed to the right.


Comprehensive video production services tailored to your unique business needs.

A promotional image featuring four people side by side against a dark gradient background with the word "TALENT" running horizontally behind them. Each person is named and numbered: Charlie with a camera, Adam in casual wear, Dan smiling, and Emily with her arms crossed.


Exceptional talent sits at our core of our video production company, generating bold and distinctive content that will grab your audience by the eye-balls.

A sleek black Mercedes-Benz car driving on a scenic mountain road. The word "COMMERCIALS" is prominently displayed across the top portion of the image in bold, white lettering.


Create captivating and engaging commercials that resonate with your audience.

An animated character wearing a red hoodie looks up in awe against a starry, cosmic background. Large white text next to them reads "EXPLAINERS.
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Produce clear and engaging explainer videos to effectively communicate your message.

A digital rendering of a navy warship sailing through slightly choppy waters under a cloudy sky at sunset. The ship is grey-blue in color, and the words "3D ANIMATION" are displayed prominently in large, white, translucent letters behind the ship.


Utilise stunning 3D animation to tell your story visually and impressively.

A person operates a professional video camera, with the text "VIDEO PRODUCTION" prominently displayed in the background. The scene has a dark, moody atmosphere with a starry or cosmic-themed backdrop behind the text, evoking the quality of top video production companies in London.


Capture dynamic stories in real time with our expert location filming services.

A person wearing a leather jacket and a white shirt is using a virtual reality headset. The background features the blurred text "DIGITAL CONTACT" with a gradient of dark blue and black colors and abstract light particles.


Develop promotional content that boosts your brand’s visibility and appeal.


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Create high-quality animated videos that captivate and inform your audience.


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Highlight your brand’s key messages with compelling promo videos.


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Refine and enhance your footage with our expert video editing services.


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Support your marketing initiatives with impactful campaign video production.

A colorful peacock stands against a dark background with the word "CREATIVITY" in large, bold white letters partially behind it. The peacock's iridescent feathers are vividly detailed and eye-catching, reminiscent of the vibrant work produced by top video production companies.


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Bring your vision to life with our innovative and creative video production.


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  • A Strategic Focus: As a video production company, we see videos as tools with specific jobs. We emphasize having a clear objective for each video.
  • Cutting Edge Creative Thinking: Founded in 2005 alongside YouTube, our video production company stays at the forefront of trends. We use the latest technology and techniques to innovate.
  • With almost 20 years of experience, we’ve perfected our skills to ensure every Dragonfly project mirrors our dedication to quality and innovation.
  • Streamlined Systems & Processes: With 18 years in the industry, our company tackles workflow inefficiencies. Dragonfly is proactive, always seeking improvements and developing custom tools to stay ahead.
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ayça aslanayça aslan
15:48 09 Jul 23
11:34 04 Jul 23
We were very happy with Dragonfly's services. Our contact Adam was helpful and enthusiastic about the project and even though we had a short time scale and had to change the requirements for additional work, everything was dealt with in a timely professional manner. I would recommend Dragonfly for any video services you may need.
Ian KearyIan Keary
12:52 17 May 23
I recently teamed up with Dragonfly to create a promotional video for my business, and I couldn't be happier with the results.Right from the start, the team was incredibly supportive and professional. They understood my business needs and offered helpful suggestions to make the video more impactful. They listened to my feedback and incorporated my ideas into the final product.I was thoroughly impressed by their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to make the video perfect. We even discussed reformatting it for different social media platforms and how to maximize its impact in my marketing strategy.The final video exceeded my expectations. They captured my business vision and brought it to life in an engaging and visually striking way.I highly recommend Dragonfly as the go-to video production company for anyone in need of a promotional video, and I can't wait to work with them again in the future!
Margaret GroblerMargaret Grobler
10:26 13 Apr 23
Dragonfly did an excellent job on our explainer video and I would highly recommend working with them. They're friendly, fast and very professional and deliver unbelievable quality at an affordable price. Special shout outs to Adam, Daniel and Sean — I hope we can do more work together in future!
Tom FullerTom Fuller
11:32 11 Apr 23
We couldn't be happier with Dragonfly's work on our Silicon Valley startup, Waitroom's explainer videos. Their team created both long-form and short-form videos that captured the essence of our product, going above and beyond our expectations. With plans to use the video on multiple platforms such as social media, YouTube ads, our Product Hunt launch page, and our homepage, it was crucial that the video showcased our core fundamentals accurately.The Dragonfly team was incredibly professional, reliable, and communicative throughout the project. Adam did an outstanding job managing the project scope, while Sean's animations and storyboarding were top-notch. His work made every step of the process crystal clear, allowing us to give precise feedback confidently, which Sean executed in record time!We are extremely grateful to Dragonfly for their exceptional work on this project. We highly recommend their professional and skilled team to anyone in need of a video project.
John McHughJohn McHugh
15:12 10 Mar 23
We were very impressed with Dragonfly's enthusiasm for our project when we were looking for an animation partner. This enthusiasm and positivity carried on across the job, with its large number of animations. They were very helpful in character development and their production workflow and flexibility helped us to deliver a high quality project on time and within budget. Looking forward to working with them again.
Jason ChukwumaJason Chukwuma
15:44 05 Aug 22
My business partner and I used Dragonfly to make a promotional video for a web series we were launching, and we couldn't have been happier with the level of service and care we received. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with, extremely good natured even apart from the work they did which was top tier. They were so good about incorporating feedback and seemed just as dedicated as we were to making a solid final product. The video turned out amazing, really cinematic quality. If you're in the UK and need ANY kind of video work done, you won't go wrong with these guys. Thanks again so much!
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Dragonfly have made it our mission to attract the best video production talent. The movers, the shakers, the innovators!

A vibrant illustration of a woman with orange hair and a teal jacket standing beside large text that reads "ANIMATED VIDEO." The background transitions from a dark forest on the left to a sunlit forest scene on the right, with falling autumn leaves.


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Enhance your visual content with striking and engaging animations.

A smiling man with gray hair and glasses is holding his glasses with one hand. He is wearing a gray suit and is positioned on the left side of the image. The partially visible text in the background reads "CORPORATE VIDEO" against a dark, glittery backdrop.


Showcase your business professionally with our top-tier corporate video production.

A 3D animated character with dark hair and a friendly smile points at a large YouTube logo on a dark, speckled background. The character wears a red shirt and blue undershirt, looking excited or happy.
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Engage your online audience with our dynamic social media video strategies.

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.