Animated Video Production

Our creativity knows no bounds, the possibilities are endless!

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Animated Video Production

Animations & Motion Design

Our creativity knows no bounds, the possibilities are endless!

Animated Video Production

Animated Video Production

Beautiful, powerful and ‘goose-bumps’ memorable

Animation can connect you with your audience in a fun, emotional and eye-catching way. It can also be a great tool for getting across instructions or information clearly and effectively. We use a team of animators with their own unique skills and styles to create everything from animated logos, motion graphics and presentation of statistics, to fully animated short films. Animation can also be used to seriously enhance a traditional video and can easily make the impossible possible.

Our Animation Company

Everything we need to say about our animated videos

The beauty of an animated video is that you can take your audience anywhere you want. You can show your customers how your product functions, create spellbinding graphics to show how your service can boost productivity or create a memorable on-screen character (but no meerkats please.)

Nothing sticks in the memory like a bold and beautiful animation. If you need a zooming, panning fly-through of your latest designs, a detailed look inside the human body or a charming advert that everyone can relate to, now you can wow your clients with a striking and spectacular visual feat that will leave a lasting impression. Have a look at what dragonfly can do for you.

Animation service options and styles

Motion Design

Seriously enhance the effectiveness of your production with moving graphics that won’t be forgotten.

Hand Drawn Animation

Hand drawn animation gives a video powerful emotional content. It’s nostalgia, homeliness and Lo-fi vibe.

Vector Animation

Vector animation often allows cleaner, smoother animation with bold colours and striking visuals.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a great communicator and is the most affordable style of animated video.

Animated Infographic

Explain your service efficiently, clearly and with style. Show the inner workings of your product.

Character Animation

Our character animators breathe life in characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality.

3D Character Animation

Grab your audience by the eye-balls with a 3d animated video that Pixar would be proud of.

3D Animation

High quality and for its state-of-the-art feel that can make your brand be noticed in an instant.

Dragonfly’s animation is punchy, memorable, leaves a lasting impact, and delivers real results.

Anything is possible in an animated world, and yet the Internet is filled with millions of videos that all at the same. People are dragging and dropping templated content, which results in animation that looks cartoony, childish and cheap. This can really harm your brand.

Dragonfly don’t make those types of animated videos. We create bespoke, creative and original animation content, with true artistic merit.

We start every project with a blank sheet and we never second sell. Whether we are creating Disney and Pixar style 3D character animation, photorealistic product renders, quirky creatures, cool motion design or beautiful hand drawn animations.

We produce animated videos that will transport you from where you are, to where you like to be. Our animations are punchy memorable, leave a lasting impact and most importantly, deliver real results for your business – which will leave your competitors in the dust!

One of our specialities is merging overlaying and compositing animated content onto live footage, this creates a new dimension and unlocks a whole new world of creative opportunities.

We have been doing this since 2005, which is pretty much as long as animated web video has been around. We know what we’re doing, so talk to us about your next animated video campaign, will do the rest!

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Meet one of Dragonfly's animators

We’re proud to have some of the finest, most experienced and creative animators in the industry on our side, and they can be on your side too!


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“Dragonfly produced a beautiful animated video for us which has transformed our business. The video helped explain our service offering and was instrumental in our organisation securing a £3million contract in 2014. What more needs to be said?”

Helen Boss, Midlands Psychology