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Ta-dah! No one does it quite like Dragonfly!


Got a few minutes? Have a little look through our recent work!

We could give you all the sales pitches under the planet, talking up how great we are at this or that, but what we want to show you are the facts that back up our claims.



Animated Videos

Edinburgh Council

An informative video with a punchy script, as well as creative and effective visual style.
animation curve
Animated Videos

Dragonfly Animation

This animated video explains exactly why you should be working with Dragonfly!
Animated Videos

National History Museum

The National History Museum asked Dragonfly to create this hand drawn traditional animation.


Dragonfly worked with Peroni on this commercial, celebrating flavour and punctuating the Italian style in their brand.
Animated Videos

Midlands Psychology

This video is an example of Dragonfly's at their best! A wonderful animation, produced with an original creative concept.
Animated Videos


An explainer video aimed at employers, outlining how to attract the right talent.
Promotional Videos

Joseph Giles

Showcasing the various craftsmen and tradition techniques used to produced Joseph Giles products.
Animated Videos

Sealife Center

This hand drawn animated video is the result of 100s of hours work, displaying real artistic merit.

Sony Playstation

Produced to promote PlayStation virtual reality capability of their latest games console.
W2Solution Dragonfly Animated Explainer Video
Animated Videos


Dragonfly produced an animated explainer video for W2Solution - a global eCommerce solution.
Animated Videos


A video produced to welcome new members, with a distinct illustrative style.
Promotional Videos

LEH School

This cinematic promotional video captures the sense of community at LEH School.
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Promotional Videos

Resident Evil

This viral video was produced to promote the launch of the Resident Evil 7 computer game.
animation london
Animated Videos

Imperial College

A series of punchy and stylish animated videos, to promote the facilities and courses at Imperial College.
Promotional Video for UK Government IPA - logo
Promotional VideosAnimated Videos

UK Government – IPA

A promotional video for the Infrastructure and Projects Authority - a UK Government Department.

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