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We could give you all the sales pitches under the planet, talking up how great we are at this or that, but what we want to show you are the facts that back up our claims. Below are case studies of some of our clients and how they have tangibly affected those who commissioned them. Taking into account the objectives of the commission, we have demonstrated our approach to the production and the subsequent results our clients have seen.


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Our team shot this video in just a single day and edited it over three days. The promotional video was produced for a company who arrange for aircraft to be repaired, wherever they are in the world. This video was filmed at Edinburgh Airport and the footage is of a real repair taking place.

M&C Saatchi

We were asked by M&C Saatchi to produce a punchy trailer for a live action, escape room experience, to promote the launch of Resident Evil 7. This viral video was filmed in the style of a movie trailer and was filmed in a single day.

Royal Holloway University

This video was produced to introduce a new Dance course on offer to prospective students. The University asked us to produce this video in a single day, as their budget was restrictive. We were able to do as they asked, whilst still retaining production value.

London Fire Brigade

The London Fire Brigade needed a new training video on the subject of hoarding and approached Dragonfly to help educate their team. The aim was to develop more effective ways of dealing with fires in properties which are cluttered and have a lot of combustibles piled into rooms. Dragonfly filmed a very effective dramatised video sequence to use in the training video which you can watch here.

Royal Brompton Hospital

Produced for the Royal Brompton Hospital, this video draws attention to the care patients receive at the hands of the highly qualified surgeons.

Amazon Echo

This promotional video was produced to promote the new Amazon Echo device. The video showcases the technology, explaining how it can enable a user to voice control their home.

Sony PlayStation

This commercial was produced for Sony PlayStation to promote the virtual reality capability of their latest games console.

United Technology

Produced for Otis lifts and elevators, we filmed some stylistic talking head interviews for UTC.

British Transport Police

This video campaign was produced for The British Transport Police. The videos draw attention to alcohol fuelled antisocial behaviour on transport networks.

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