United Technologies

OTIS develop, manufacture and market elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and related equipment. Dragonfly were commissioned by United Technologies, who own OTIS, to produce a high-end talking heads video to communicate one of the key employee benefits of working for the company.


The key message to carry across was the passion of the employees, and how they had been positively effected by United Technology’s initiative – which allows staff members to study and complete degree courses whilst they work.


As with all Talking Heads projects, it was important to the team at Dragonfly to not only communicate the message, but also to make the content look spectacular.

Our team are particularly proud of this project. It’s an excellent example of how straight-forward, simplistic video content can be truly stunning. There’s a certain skill to capturing content in this way – it requires a highly technically proficient camera crew, great quality equipment, and strong foundations in pre-production planning.

The final video