STEM Leaning approached Dragonfly, asking for a new promotional video for STEM Insight. They wanted a video that would be emotive and powerful, inspiring teachers to want to go on a STEM Insight placement, whilst displaying the value of the programme and encouraging teachers to better themselves for the sake of their students.

STEM Learning is working towards a world-leading science, technology, engineering and mathematics education for all young people in the UK. They strive for this through various programmes of professional development and inspirational activities for teachers.
One such programme is STEM Insight, which gives teachers the opportunity for a five day placement in either a STEM industry or university. This helps to develop teachers’ awareness of STEM careers, so that they can better guide and support their students with careers advice and pathways into further study.
The client explained to us how their usual style of video featured talking heads, which – whilst useful for sharing information – often isn’t very inspiring.
They expressed their desire to move away from this format, creating something more cinematic, which tells a story – rather than just discussing the program.

STEM identified Rose Russell as a teacher with a particularly inspirational story. Rose had previously participated in the STEM Insight program, and had a great story to tell of how the programme transformed her teaching. 
Having had no prior knowledge of STEM careers, Rose didn’t feel able to support her students. She joined STEM Insight and managed to completely change her school’s careers provision. She has won awards for her hard work and even managed to get one of her students into an apprenticeship with the organisation who hosted her placement.
We decided to base the video campaign around this story, with the tagline: ‘Be like Rose’. The video would focus around her story and show her journey from a struggling beginning to a successful end.