Spiral Cellars

Dragonfly were commissioned by the UK’s leading wine room supplier, Spiral Cellars, to produce a promotional video for their bespoke walk-in wine rooms and cellars.

Capturing great footage of something as elegant as a wine cellar should be easy, right?

Well, the production of this promotional video was actually a little trickier than one might expect. Whilst these flash wine cellars might sound like they lend themselves to James Bond-worthy cinematic video, it’s incredibly challenging to make dynamic, exciting content when the subject matter is, by its very nature, static.

We had a bit of a task on our hands with this one. There was no question that the product was excellent – we had the pleasure of meeting the entire team and visited some of the cellars in action.
It was important to the client – and to us – that we did the full experience justice on screen.
Spiral Cellars 1
Spiral Cellars 2

Our team worked hard to create motion whilst filming – we brought in models to interact with the locations, had steady cams panning the cellars and even used a camera crane. An amusing memory from one of the shoot days involved one of our cameramen lying on the floor to create the illusion of a self-opening slow motion door.

The atmosphere of the entire video had to feel high-end and sophisticated – this was a premium product, after all. We sourced specialist location lighting to create depth in the cellars, adding in touches of haze to compliment the overall mood.

When it comes to promotional videos, what we’re really trying to do is sell. A lot of sales is really psychology, so the team here spent some time thinking about how we could use visuals to create a positive impact on the viewer. Visual signets like the slow moving camera zooming in on an opening door add to the feeling of welcoming in the video, in an effort to position Spiral Cellars as a unique and desirable addition to a home.

Spiral Cellars 3
Spiral Cellars 4