Dragonfly were lucky enough to be commissioned by the SeaLife Centre to produce a video to their aquariums and message. It was key to the client that the video had an uplifting, vibrant feel – enticing viewers in and encouraging visit their website to find out more.

A huge part of SeaLife’s target demographic are children. Where there was a more generous budget – this was a national campaign after all – this was a prime opportunity to employ a more detailed, hand-drawn illustrative style.

The Storyboard

During the design stage of every project, our team put together detailed storyboards to demonstrate the narrative arc of the video, before we move into the animation.
This is always an excellent opportunity for clients to review the visuals in frame-by-frame detail, allowing them to provide feedback and suggestions. 

Our Artists

Our model allows us to have the best of the best on our roster of artists. We’ve worked hard to curate our team of top notch illustrators, artists and motion graphics designers from some of the most prestigious backgrounds in the industry. Our killer combination of a great team, high production value and a stellar creative team never fails to produce top-notch results.

The Design

The team at SeaLife are experts in marine life. That meant that just any old fish drawings wouldn’t do – the client insisted that our animator’s illustrations were anatomically correct. We spent hours researching, sketching and running designs past the client – all to ensure that the final result would meet the client’s exacting expectations.
But it wasn’t just about the drawings – even once the final, full colour assets had been approved, our animator still had a task on their hands. They meticulously studied the movements of different species of fish, to ensure that their motion design realistically matched up to the real deal.

Foley Sound

Part of our suite of additional service offerings includes bespoke foley sound. Foley is the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. 
This was no ordinary project – so we enlisted a Hollywood-grade sound artist from our roster to reproduce the sounds that would be found under the sea… just a normal day in the office.

The final video

The finished video was a complete success, the client were delighted – and we truly feel that all the meticulous hard work and attention to detail really paid off.
It’s not always easy to produce hand-drawn animation, but this project truly goes to show that when you take the plunge and invest a few extra resources and some additional time into your video production, you’ll come away with a product that you can be truly proud of.