Resident Evil - Case Study

Resident Evil - Case Study

M&C Saatchi enlisted Dragonfly to come up with a video campaign to support the release of a new Resident Evil computer game.


Click on the video link below to listen to Dragonfly founder and director, Charlie Southall, share some insight into the production of this award winning campaign:

The Storyboard

The Dragonfly production team wanted to achieve a cinematic look, so the project was carefully storyboarded, scene-by-scene and detailed drawings produced.

Resident Evil 1


This project was a hit with viewers – here’s what people had to say:

That trailer for a live experience looked better than every resident evil movie………just saying.

An accurate representation from game to video concept. No hollywood bullshit. I know this isn’t really a movie but still… Goddamn!

That looks better than all the movies combined!! maybe they should hire the team that produced this trailer to make the new films…

WOW! This was incredibly well done. Looked like a legitimate scary film. 😀