We were thrilled when Dragonfly were given the opportunity to produce the trailer for Microsoft’s Definitive Edition of Age of Empires – one of the longest running real-time strategy series in existence.

The client asked for a series of videos showing craftsmen sculpting, chiselling, carving and smelting one-of-a-kind models of Age of Empire cheats in a variety of different materials, evolving through the different ages contained within the game.
The videos were to be shown on the game’s various social media content channels, highlighting the skill and patience involved in creating the models. They would also contain hidden ‘easter eggs’ for keen eyed viewers, who wanted the chance to win copies of the game.
These videos were an essential PR tool for Microsoft, who wanted to use the content as a ‘seeding tool’ to draw in influential PC gamers to advertise their release.
The call to action:
Travel through time with Age of Empires, beautifully remastered for the modern age.
Microsoft 1
Microsoft 2

We went all out with the production of this promotional video. We spent time auditioning and casting actors, and had hair and makeup teams on hand to transform them into a believable man of the stone age.

Microsoft 3
Microsoft 4