Goldman Sachs

Animation is a fun, memorable way of bringing information to life and can help to make your products and services appear as interesting and exciting. Visualised information can really help to break down potentially complex material and can increase customer awareness of relevant statistics that they might otherwise ignore. A well produced explainer video with engaging visuals and a killer script is by far the most effective way to market businesses in today’s Internet age.

Animated Explainer videos are a staple here at Dragonfly, so when Goldman Sachs approached us asking for a video to communicate a collection of important and themed messages to the organisation, we knew exactly what to do.

We produced a 1 minute animation including simple and easy to grasp visuals. So, we decide to use a stripped back whiteboard-style animation technique, to focus the video in on the message.

There’s a huge benefit to the no-bells-and-whistles approach to this style of animation; keeping things simple makes the video much more cost effective, whilst removing the fuss and noise which could potentially distract from the key message of the project.