Estee Lauder

Animated training videos can show information in an easily digestible and engaging format – and can simply illustrate large amounts of content. These effective videos explain ideas and concepts to audiences in a fun visual manner. Visualized information can really help to break down potentially complex material and can increase awareness of relevant information that they might otherwise ignore.

Estée Lauder approached Dragonfly asking for an ‘on-boarding safety video’ for their freestanding stores – of which they have over 100. Their key objective was to take employees through the stores, highlighting all the hazards and control methods in place.

There was no need for gimmicks or bells and whistles with these videos – we wanted to keep things stripped back and clear. The drawings we used to produce the animation had an almost architectural feel – we felt this was the most appropriate style for the training video, reflecting Estée Lauder’s elegant brand, whilst remaining technical and straight-forward in nature.

Style Frames

Estee Lauder 1
Estee Lauder 2
We create every single one of our videos from scratch, using custom illustration and design. A style frame is a single, full-colour frame that accurately reflects the final aesthetic of the video. We work with some of the most talented designers in the industry and have a nearly limitless ability to create the most appropriate and effective look for any video.


Estee Lauder 3

Some key frames from the storyboard we produced for Estée Lauder. Storyboards are a great way to visualise a video scene-by-scene, whilst working closely with the client.