Direct Line

We were delighted when Direct Line approached Dragonfly, asking us to produce a showcase video that would paint the future vision for their organisation.
The goal of the video was to create excitement, pride and ‘feel good factor’ within their internal community, boosting confidence with their investors and alleviating the doubts of naysayers who did not believe that change would happen. Together, they wanted to set out a bold vision for the potential Direct Line were creating for their customers, with a digitally-led, AI enabled, customer self-service focused future market. 
Direct Line wanted it’s colleagues to feel proud, invested in, relieved that the business was catapulting itself ahead of the market – and for them to feel excited about using newer more intuitive systems and animated about the potential these investments would create.
It was important to them that they delighted investors saw the potential, and felt encouraged by the extent of future innovation being created.
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Here at Dragonfly, we pride ourselves on our ‘Discovery’ stage of production, where we A focus in on establishing our clients’ objectives, gathering a more in-depth understanding what needs to be communicated with the video. We spend time discussing the creative brief key stakeholders, sharing creative concepts, and working up fresh ideas.
From these discussions, we established a two core themes that we needed to encorporate into the video: trust and innovation.
In order to highlight the business’s longstanding, solid reputation and establish a feeling of loyalty and trust, we decided to start the video by following the story of a woman who has grown up with the presence of Direct Line.
Direct Line 5
Direct Line 6

Direct Line were keen to highlight how they were moving away from their old, out of date methods. Showing individuals using up-to-date technology, with overlaid motion graphics to show direct line’s interface positioned the brand in a new cutting-edge and fresh context.