Creative Assembly

Dragonfly were lucky enough to take a look behind the scenes of industry giant Creative Assembly – the multi-award winning BAFTA UK games studio responsible for Total War, Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2. We were commissioned to produce their all-important “about us” video, introducing Creative Assembly’s work and internal team to a global audience.

With every project, we set out to capture our subject matter in dynamic and innovative ways. We really dig deep into what makes projects and products different – giving our videos an edge over your average, run-of-the-mill corporate production.
We wanted to find out where the magic really comes from – so we spent some time with the team at Creative Assembly to get an idea of what makes them tick. We visited all areas of the company – from the motion capture studio, to the animators’ desks – with such a breadth of skill and expertise, we identified something truly special about the individuals behind the games.
Creative Assembly 1
Creative Assembly 2
Almost like craftsmen, the creatives at Creative Assembly have each honed and nurtured their individual specialities, becoming industry experts. It’s clear that they are all truly passionate about their work, and It’s the combination of these people and their skillsets which really make the company so unique.
One particularly emotive moment during filming saw a designer at Creative Assembly reveal how he had once looked up to some of his now colleagues as a student. It was these personal stories of realised life-long ambitions and the deep creative connections between colleagues which highlighted something truly magical about the team.
It was obvious to us that these personalities and stories should be at the very centre of the video.
Creative Assembly 3
Creative Assembly 4
Creative Assembly 5
The discoveries we made during this project really reaffirmed our confidence in the way we work. It’d be no good to just rock up on filming day, rack through a few talking heads with senior management and then go home to put our feet up. That approach is cheap, quick and lazy – and produces mediocre, disappointing results.
In a world of clicks and shares, where time is precious and content is king, only the best video campaigns are going to hit their mark. Here at Dragonfly, we pride ourselves on our pro-active approach; our research, our willingness to get involved, and our ability to stretch ideas far outside the box – and we think it really shows.