Campaign to Protect Rural England

The Campaign to Protect Rural England is a pressure group and charity, formed with the intention to limit urban sprawl and ribbon development. Formed in 1926, they have over 40,000 supporters and activists across the UK.
Before reaching out to us, CPRE sent their supporters a physical booklet at the end of each year, reporting a bite-sized overview of the charity’s accomplishments over the previous 12 months.
In order to maximise their reach, CPRE asked Dragonfly to produce an animated video to thank their online audiences via their digital channels.
CPRE wanted their supporters to feel like a valued asset to the organisation, increasing their connection and engagement with the charity, ultimately driving further financial support for the following year and beyond.
The primary audience for this project were existing CPRE supporters, who had made a contribution to the charity in the last 12 months. This contribution could be financial – through cash donations, through supporting online activism, or through volunteering their time. The project’s secondary audience was the general public. CPRE were looking for ways to better engage with this audience.
Campaign to Protect Rural England 1
Campaign to Protect Rural England 2
We wanted the animation to have a rustic, soft feel to it – reflective of nature and the natural landscape that CPRE are trying to protect.
Using a palette of soft, natural colours, alongside a painterly hand-drawn illustrative style, we feel we created something beautiful and natural – in keeping with the groups core message. To add to the overall feel of the video, we added a textured paper to the background, to reduce the feeling of something too sleek and digital.