3D Animation - Case Study

3D Animation - Case Study

This 3D Animation was produced by our team to promote Dragonfly’s video marketing services. We truly believe that our animation services are a cut above the rest – and what better way to prove it than through animation itself? We really stretched ourselves with this brief – setting the scene in an ambitious, elaborate setting, with multiple 3D characters to animate.

3d Animation 1

Our animation services rival those at the top of their game. The benefit of our slick business model allows us to bring in animators from all over the globe – who’ve worked on the highest profile projects. This animation proves that, with the right budget and timeframe, our animation services can be as good as what you’ll see in Disney Pixar movies.

3d Animation 2

Character Design


During the design stages of a project, our animators produce initial sketches to illustrate what the final rendered characters could look like. There are lots of factors to consider here, and when working with external clients we spend a great deal of time during the ‘discovery’ stage of production to determine the key messages and concepts that underpin the video concept. These can then go on to directly inform the character design – and the development of the visual concept as a whole.


This is something we take special pride in here at Dragonfly . Making sure that the design of your video is cohesive with your company’s core goals – as well as your branding and visual identity.

Storyboard Artwork

Frame-by-frame sketches that plan out the final video

3d Animation 3
3d Animation 4
3d Animation 5
3d Animation 6

The storyboarding stage of production allows us to comprehensively plan the visuals – from start to finish. This is usually a great opportunity for clients to provide feedback or make suggestions on the video content. The storyboard acts like a map when it comes to the actual animation stages – our animators work directly from the initial sketches when they’re adding motion to the polished, fully rendered final animations.

From storyboard sketch...

3d Animation 7

to fully rendered 3D animation

3d Animation 8

Developing the Animation

Taking a project from sketches to 3D models

3d Animation 9
3d Animation 10
3d Animation 11

The process of 3D character animation is exhaustive and intricate. Characters are modelled in 3D software – where an artist will shape and mould the form in a 3D mesh. This 3D model is then textured – the animator overlays designs, patterns and textures onto the blank shape.

Before the character can begin to be animated, it must be rigged and skinned. Rigging allows a character move in the intended way, a skeleton of bones is added to the model, which acts as a series of control points. Adding the skin of the model to this rigged skeleton is (appropriately) called skinning. Once the character is modelled, textured, rigged and skinned, it is ready for animation. An animator will take the puppet and manipulate it in computer software.

The final video

Part of our suite of additional service offerings includes bespoke foley sound – the reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos, and other media in post-production to enhance audio quality. 

We worked with a professional foley artist on this project, who worked to simulate the sounds – like the crowd, the ball being kicked and the football player falling to the ground. To achieve authentic noises, a foley artist often has to recreate the action themselves.

We’re particularly proud of this piece of work – and feel it’s even more special as a result of the small touches and attention to detail throughout.

3d Animation 12
3d Animation 13