War Child

We were thrilled when War Child commissioned Dragonfly to produce a video to thank players of the People’s Postcode Lottery (PPL) for their support over the last 5 years, highlighting the impact that their support has had on the growth of the charity.

At the beginning of every project here at Dragonfly, we engage in a ‘discovery stage’ with our clients. This is where we focus in on establishing the client’s objectives, gathering a more in-depth understanding of the core communicative objectives of the video.
During this phase, War Child identified three key issues that they wanted to address in their animation: a lack of understanding between restricted/unrestricted funding and their importance, a lack of understanding and transparency in how donations are spent, and the lack of trust in the charity sector in general.
War Child had high expectations for this video – they wanted it to help them become sector-leading in their transparency about the uses of unrestricted funding – an area of the sector that was under intense scrutiny.
With such high stakes, we knew this video really needed to hit the mark.
Charity videos often take a little extra care and attention in order to achieve the best results – we ensure that we go through the necessary steps every time we start a new project. We knew we needed to fully understand the subject matter in order to succinctly and clearly communicate the message, whilst also keeping the content engaging and visually effective.
War Child 1
War Child 2

Style frames

The initial step of our design process
​A style frame is a single, full-colour frame that accurately reflects the final aesthetic of the video. We work with some of the most talented designers in the industry and have a nearly limitless ability to create the look you need.
Our designers produced this style frame based on a number of creative discussions with the clients at War Child – using the colours from their brand guidelines paired with a rustic feeling paper texture effect for the background – we ensured that the overall feeling of the design aligned itself with the War Child brand and message.


We produce detailed hand-drawn storyboards for our animation projects – so that the client can make suggestions and comments on the narrative flow and look of their video.
Here’s a section of the storyboard we produced for War Child:
War Child 3
War Child 4
War Child 5
War Child 6
War Child 7
War Child 8
War Child 9

The video was a success and the client were thrilled with the end result. We think this project is a great representation of what we can do; blending beautiful, artistic visuals with complex themes and information to create captivating video content.