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Animated Videos: Northampton Council

As part of the government’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ initiative, Dragonfly was commissioned to create a first-of-its- kind DVD to help primary school children and their parents in Northamptonshire make choices about their transition to secondary school.

This unique project required a unique production process. From the outset, we involved local children in the project as creative consultants and ran workshops with young people, their parents and teachers.

This gave us insight into the education system – from ‘inside’ and ‘out’; the workshops also help us determine the information needs and target audiences, as well as allowing us to test creative elements at key stages.

Dealing with a large public sector organisation meant that there were a number of decision- makers involved with the process. At every stage Dragonfly worked flexibly and responsively to ensure their needs were met in order to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our team arranged feedback sessions at key milestones during the production schedule, allowing us to test creative elements on the target audience at various stages and gaining feedback which enabled us to steer the project towards a more effective end goal.

Once a visual style had been agreed and story- boards and scripts created and signed-off, we worked closely with the various parties to ensure that the film would be visually engaging, informative and easy to digest.

Using animation produced by the Dragonfly in-house team, the final video featured an insight into each of the nine secondary schools in the Northampton- shire county.


Northampton Schools

An educational resource for children, informed by children!

Planning it out


We worked with the children to find out what their preference were, and what imagery they responded to best, and we built the video around their input!


We had to represent nine different schools that the children could choose from, and each of the schools special areas, so we spent some time getting the look and feel of each building just right.

The Final Video!

“Dragonfly really took the time to understand the challenge we had here in Northampton, as well as the children themselves.”

Neil Kitson
Education Strategy Manager

Northamptonshire County Council

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