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Silhouette of a deer standing in front of a river and mountain landscape under a starry sky at dusk. The text "2D ANIMATION" is prominently displayed in large white letters in the center of the image.
A silhouette of a deer with antlers stands in a serene, mountainous landscape at dusk. The sky transitions from twilight to night, and stars are visible. Large, bold text at the top center reads "2D ANIMATION.

2D Animated Video Services

Instantly grab your audience’s attention with captivating animation


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Elegant motion graphics animation featuring a minimalist aesthetic. Animated video content showcasing artistic excellence.


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An animated explainer video created through hand-drawn techniques, for the Natural History Museum in London.


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An animated marketing video to promote Imperial College, polished graphics and advanced motion design techniques.


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A premium animated explainer video that incorporates delightful character design reminiscent of Pixar’s signature style

A digital illustration with the words "MOTION DESIGN" in bold white letters. The background features a dark space theme with planets of various sizes and colors, some with rings, and a scattering of small stars and particles.
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A 2D animation company breathes life into visuals through modern motion design techniques, infusing fluidity and striking animation

A digital illustration of a person with short hair looking up in awe, wearing an orange hoodie and suspenders. Surrounding them is a dark, starry sky with purple auroras. The word "EXPLAINERS" is prominently displayed in large white capital letters above.
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When it comes to effectively conveying complex ideas, 2D animation services excel in creating engaging and informative animated explainer videos.

Illustration of a rocket launching into space with the words "VIDEO MARKETING" in large, bold letters above it. The background is a mix of purple and blue tones with planets and stars, creating a space theme.


2D animated videos are a powerful tool in video marketing, captivating audiences and delivering compelling brand messages.

A girl with glasses, wearing a yellow cap and overalls, holds books under her arm, standing between a deer and a dog. A white bird hovers above. The background is dark with the large text "CHARACTER DESIGN" partially visible.


2D animation studios specialize in character animation, bringing lifelike and engaging personalities to the screen with their expertise

Illustration of colorful, multi-story buildings lined up with various designs and a single tree in front. The background features a gradient from gray to dark purple, and the word "ANIMATION" is prominently displayed in large white letters above the buildings.


With our creative 2D animation services, we mesmerize audiences with concise and captivating 30-second explainer videos that effortlessly stand out in a crowded market.

A hand-drawn illustration features a young boy with spiky hair, a girl with long hair, and a cat with a curious expression. The background transitions from dark to light with the text "HAND DRAWN" in large, bold letters on the left side.
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Hand-drawn animation is a timeless art form that lends a unique and authentic charm to any project.

A person with brown hair is drawing or writing on a blackboard with chalk. The background includes the large word "WHITEBOARD" displayed in grey and white text on a black textured surface. The scene has a modern and illustrative style.


Remarkable and memorable whiteboard animation videos that stand out in the cluttered world of 2D animated content.

Illustration of a woman waving, a smiling character wearing a party hat with a balloon, and a white dog with a green collar, placed below the word "PORTFOLIO" on a dark background.


In 2D animation video production, our expert team of animators and scriptwriters creates engaging animated videos that charm and boost awareness.

An illustration featuring a person with long hair, wearing a hoodie, jacket, and backpack, standing in front of a backdrop divided into warm and cool color schemes. Overlaid text reads "2D ANIMATION". Falling leaves are scattered around the scene.


Dragonfly has mastered the art of creating striking and unforgettable 2D animated explainer videos, perfectly designed to break through the noise and captivate your audience.

A person with glasses and tied-back hair is working on a tablet using a stylus. They are seated at a desk with a computer monitor and a white coffee mug in the background. They are wearing a light-colored sweater and a hand brace.
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Our animation studio is dedicated to attracting the top talent in 2D animation. We strive to seek out the most innovative, skilled and creative animators in the industry.

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.