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A simple, yet effective way of getting your point across.

Whiteboard animation is a fairly new, and increasingly popular way of explaining your business or product. It’s simple, quick and effective. Don’t think that it’s just a cheap option though, Whiteboard animation can be very effective at explaining complex ideas, or getting your message across in a very clear way to international audiences. Dragonfly have a clear understanding of why whiteboard animation is so effective, and we’re experts at putting it to use. There are lots of ways you can implement a whiteboard animation and they’re very fast to put together compared with other types of video. Our animators are waiting! Let’s make a video for you.


invstr, a start-up app company, came to Dragonfly because they wanted a whiteboard animation to explain their new app to an international market. Our animators went above and beyond and we ended up delivering an animation that exceeded their expectations! We also delivered several versions of the video with different voiceovers for their international markets.

Bold, simplistic animation


Traditional whiteboard animation is a strictly hand drawn affair, you will have probably seen one at some point – The artists hand is visible as they quickly draw illustrations that reinforce the voice over. It’s tried and tested and it looks just fine. You might not know that certain parts of the drawings can be animated simply to add a bit more life, or the whole lot can be made to move like a high-end animation! There are lots of levels of complexity that can be achieved with a whiteboard style and we can offer you them all, depending on what you want to say of course!

Whiteboard animations have a simplistic feel to them, benefitting from being straight-forward and to the point. This style rarely includes more than two or three colours; the drawings won’t be polished and the scenes won’t be complex – but this doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, charming, and most importantly, a great tool for communication.

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular styles for B2C and B2B companies; they’re well suited for explaining products, services or concepts, without a huge price-tag. Whiteboard animations can also be produced to quick deadlines, making them a great option if you’re short on time.
When it comes to sensitive, difficult or taboo topics we take the time to ensure that what we deliver is the result of our shared vision. When you’re making a video with a serious message it’s important to fully understand the subject, and to make sure the right tone and appropriate language is used. You are the experts in your field, just as we are the experts in ours, so we’ll make sure that everything you need to deliver with this video gets the right attention and is presented in the best possible way.

A proven success rate


Whiteboard animations are usually produced to communicate a specific message – and because the nature of the style is so simple, this message usually comes incredibly clearly, without the additional clutter.

This style is universal – the stripped back visuals ensure a clear and to-the-point video, which can be understood by all.

Whiteboard animations are also cheap to produce – there are no unnecessary frills. This makes them a great tool for start up companies – or just businesses on a tight budget.

Get in touch with Dragonfly for an in- depth chat about whiteboard animations, and what we can do for you.

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This explainer video was commissioned by Goldman Sachs to communicate to their members.



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