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Branded Content
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Branded video content is different

It is first and foremost not about the brand itself.

Although your brand features, it does so subtly, and often only at the end. Instead it focuses on a person’s relationship with the brand, creating engagement and identification. It reveals how brands match our personality, lifestyle, choices, preferences and aspirations.

It shows how your brand matches the contours of your audience’s lives and loves. 

Bring your brand vividly to life with Dragonfly

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.

Branded content is highly shared on social media

It feels vividly real, like an experience – and one that you want to share with friends.

  • It doesn’t disrupt it involvesIt doesn’t sell it engages
  • It shows what your brand is all about – rather than tells your audience what they should think
  • Typically branded content uses short videos hosted and shared through online platforms
  • Unlike traditional ads the brand is neither the starting point nor the star – your audience and shared values play the leading role.
  • As a result it feels as real and authentic as an athlete smashing a world record –  rather than a magician pulling another rabbit out of a hat

Bring your brand vividly to life with Dragonfly

Branded video content is like a mini documentary or video story that is beautifully  cinematic, energetically authentic and powerfully real.

It is the stuff that shares are made from – and the stuff that stays with you: 

  • Nielsen discovered 86% brand recall for branded content, and only 65% for regular ads


  • Tasty, the world’s largest food network, regularly receives around 100 million views from one of its recent  branded content videos


  • Health and beauty brand Dove created videos that compared sketches of women as they described themselves with sketches of them as strangers did. The campaign went viral, with 50 million views in its first few days and 180 million views to date 

Amazon Alexa x Crestron

An example of stunning branded content, with actor and stunt performer David Holmes

We’re a full-service video agency, an end-to-end solution.

For 15 years Dragonfly has shown stories through films, working with brands and agencies like Amazon and Crestron.

The critical elements behind successful branded content – strategy and creativity – are where our core strengths lie.

We can help you find the perfect concept, create a compelling script, produce videos that excite, engage, enthuse or educate and ensure that your brand will build trust and respect.

We take care of all the details, from concepts, scripting, storyboarding, casting, location, crewing, studio and equipment hire, for you.


We can build trust and exposure for your brand

We specialise in producing branded content with a purpose:

  • Cinematic storytelling for ambitious brands
  • Videos that entice, engage and inspire
  • Thought-provoking videos that command attention, debate and conversation
  • Shorts that create intrigue, provoke a response, generate leads and make conversions

    And if you are thinking of making a series of branded video content, we can schedule the shooting to take place all at one time to keep the costs down.

``Our video production process is solid. We have refined our processes to be as efficient as they can be, meaning delivery is guaranteed without a hic-up.``

Charlie Southall – Company Founder