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Video Editor Hire Dragonfly


Bearer of magic wand

The video editor polishes up the raw work after it has been produced, making sure it is up to scratch! This includes assembling all of the raw footage into one finished product which is suitable for broadcasting. This includes sound effects, camera footage, dialogue and special effects. The editor makes sure that all sounds and motion synchronise correctly and sometimes writes voiceovers and selects music. Not to add any more pressure to this role, but the skill of the editor really does directly affect the overall quality of the finished product! Editing is an ongoing process, and it may be that a ‘rough cut’ (or several) will be produced in order to determine what the next stage should be.

Just when the cameras have stopped rolling and you think it is all over, the magic happens. Dragonfly  are all about the personal touch and firmly believe in delivering a bespoke service that you can be fully immersed in, in a creative capacity. Thats why post production, you will have the chance to sit down with our Video Editors and make sure that you have exactly what you need from your video.


Creative Talent Sourcing with Dragonfly

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.