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Why go to all that effort and expense without capturing your event on video?

We know what it’s like.

You’ve poured hour and hours of time, resources, energy and effort into sculpting your perfect event. You’ve thought of everything and planned every last detail. There’s nothing left to chance. Every moment is accounted for. It’s going to be amazing… too amazing to just let it go afterwards. Once a moment is past, it’s gone forever but if you film it – it lasts forever. At Dragonfly know exactly how to make this happen.

The Work

There’s far more to event filming than simply pointing a camera or two, and the Dragonfly team are experienced in providing the complete package. We know exactly what we’re doing so we can take care of the planning, the structure, scoping out the location and deciding how best to capture the occasion and at what angle. We’ve got the background stuff, so you can concentrate on the main event.


Don’t let your event
fade away

Dragonfly love working at a good event, whether it’s filming a business conference or a fan convention, but live music events are often the most fun, and challenging. It can be difficult to work around large crowds and get all of the shots you need, but we have the experience to get to the heart of the event, without getting in the way.

No matter what the purpose of your event, having it immortalised on film is guaranteed to be a bonus. If it’s a marketing platform you’re after, then filming is a great way to extend the life of your event and bring it to a much wider audience, getting more people interested and involved. You can create a video as a gift or keepsake, but even if the incredible buzz of your live event is all you want recorded, you can leave it to us. Our structured approach brings narrative to your video, captures the feeling of being right there, and this means that the life of your event will be extended by great footage.

Broadcast yourself with live streaming.

Book Dragonfly for your event today.

All the action, as it happens – If you really want to get a reaction then live streaming is a fantastic idea, it opens up your event to the whole world and captures the atmosphere that you’ve worked so hard to create. We’re waiting with a technical crew that are ready to move whenever you are, tell us what you need and we will be there in a heartbeat.

So why not broadcast your event, live from wherever you are? Our live broadcast crew can create a live streaming channel that will beam your event into any device with an internet connection on Earth. Widen your audience, and get more out of your investment.

You might have just started planning, you might have already sent out the invitations, whatever stage you’re at with your event it might be time to consider how you’re going to film it. When you work with us we won’t just turn up with a couple of cameras on the day – we’ll work with you through the planning stages, find out exactly which parts of your event need highlighting and come up with a plan of action and a shooting schedule to make sure that we get all the right shots, smoothly and first time.

We’re experienced and easy to work with, and we won’t let you down. Contact Dragonfly today to talk to us about making your next event last forever.

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