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Dragonfly Steadicam Operator


Operator of said steadicam

Amongst the first uses of the Steadicam were to film the infamous steps scene in Rocky and also throughout The Shining. A steadicam is a lightweight film camera mounting which allows for stable and steady hand held filming which is otherwise near impossible. The Steadicam Operator unsurprisingly is the operator of this device. Steadicam Operators are skilled individuals who have strong knowledge of most camera systems. The Steadicam system works by isolating the body movements of the operator, making it easy to manoveur the camera around whilst still keeping it stable and steady.

Steadicam Operator hire is particularly recommended when filming a ‘tracking’ scene, ie. when there is going to be a lot of movement that will otherwise potentially shaky footage. Use of a Steadicam Operator can add a significant amount of quality to the end result in that it provides smoother and more seamless shots, something defiantly worth considering if, like us, you like things action packed.


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