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Sound Recordist Dragonfly


Make some noise

Whether you want to terrify, amuse or even seduce your audience, the sound involved is a key part of creating a fully sensory, emotive experience. The Sound Recordist (sometimes called Audio Recordist) is responsible for the operation of all audio recording equipment on set. Recording voices, selecting music and creating sound effects and background noise also falls under the remit of this role. The Sound Recordist works closely with the Camera Crew to establish what audio is needed and where in relation to the video. This role sometimes entails being immensely creative and thinking outside of the box in order to enhance the power of the message being conveyed.

We thrive on a challenge. Once we’ve taken your brief and got a feel for the mood you want to create, we can go about tailoring our bespoke sound recording to your needs. Our in house composer can create a totally unique sound track to your video; allowing you to provoke an array of emotions essential to getting your message across. and with our sound recording team’s creative minds pooled together; whether you’re thinking wind blowing poetically through a tree or the melody of a frog crying, there is not a sound effect they cannot somehow recreate. The best films have an instantly recognisable soundtrack, and by hiring a Dragonfly sound recordist, so can your brand.


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