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Instilling trust, confidence & adding a human touch

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Talking Head Videos

Talking Head Videos

Talking Head Videos

Bringing you face to face with your audience

Talking heads in video can be a highly effective way of getting your message across. Done right, they can be insightful, inspiring, emotional and compelling. Done wrong, talking heads videos can be dull as a rainy Tuesday!

It’s a step away from conventional corporate video.

This is talking head video contact with high production value!

`Dragonfly produced a very special video for us which has effectively showcased our talented team. The video helped explain our service offering, by presenting the very people at the heart of what we do”

Lucy Boxall – United Technology

Effective interview Portraiture

A talking head video an inexpensive and straightforward way of getting your message across to your audience, building trust in your company and putting a face to the brand. Studies have shown that showing genuine human reactions on video boosts perceived trust. These types of video can be very compelling and effective.

We’re here to make sure that if talking heads are part of your video production, they’re done in the right way.

Sincerity and intimacy comes with the use of an ‘eye-direct‘. This piece of kit obscures the camera and replaces the lens with a reflection of the interviewers face. This enables us to capture natural human conversations from contributors, who are also looking right into the lens of the camera. Often called ‘direct address’, the technique achieves much more engaging video content. Evidence shows that audiences respond very well to this production technique.

We’ve all seen ‘experts’ and ‘Heads of something-or-other’ spouting a load of waffle on camera.
We don’t have the time for it and neither do your target audience.

Bye bye camera shyness

This series of talking heads which were filmed by the Dragonfly team with sixth form schoolgirls. The techniques employed by our team achieved a relaxed, honest and human interview content. Despite the subjects being teenagers, we were able to avoid any self-conscious awkwardness.

Getting the job done

Experts in producing effective talking heads

We don’t just waltz in with a camera and mic, press record and then figure it out later (you’d be surprised how many do.) We pride ourselves in putting painstaking consideration into everything, from interviewee preparation and scripting (if necessary) to environment, tone, wardrobe and lighting.

We understand that in most cases, your talking head video will feature someone who hasn’t been media trained and they may not be comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t worry! We’ll make the environment as comfortable as possible and ensure a smooth and steady production all round.

Why should you consider talking head interviews?

Tried & tested, proven effective!

Talking heads videos can be a highly effective and cost-efficient way of getting your message across, either on their own or as part of a larger production. Done right, they can be insightful, inspiring, emotional and compelling.

Our team includes ex-professional journalists who know how to create the soundbites that will make for a good edit. We’ll make sure the person you put up for interview is handled with the utmost professionalism. Most importantly, we’ll keep your brand identity and strategic goal front-of-mind from preparation to post production.

Remember that video with the manager guy talking for a few minutes at the camera with a few shots of his product at the end? Nope, us neither.

Dragonfly only produce engaging, high quality and memorable content.

Talking heads can add real value to your video, especially when delivered in an authentic, on-message and engaging way.

A great communicator

Talking head video production has fallen out of favour with some companies who have turned to other types of video to carry their message. We still believe that a talking heads video can be extremely effective, if it’s done well. Firstly, the shot has to be well composed and subject lit nicely – production value is important even for something this simple. Secondly, the interviewer or the production company must be skilled at settling the contributor into delivering the content required for the video.

``When you work with Dragonfly, you get a creative ally, helping you rise above the rest.``

Eddie King – Creative Director