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Dragonfly Teleprompter operator


Has the power to control what people say and is the reliever of blank stare syndrome.

If you have ever seen ‘Bruce Almighty’ you’ll know all about the power possessed by the Teleprompter Operator. The Teleprompter uses technology to show a person presenting, or reading from a script, the dialogue they are to say next. It is crucial that the Teleprompter Operator scrolls down the script at the pace of the reader in order to produce the best possible delivery of the lines. The Teleprompter Operator sometimes has to make quick adjustments if the reader changes pace or decides to ad-lib, which means that it is vital that the Teleprompter Operator is able to listen and react quickly!

Teleprompter Operators are highly recommended in a number of situations. For example if you are producing a ‘talking-heads’ style corporate video, or a production with a vast amount of speech, a Teleprompter Operator can take the pressure off the situation and potentially cut down on wasted time by making sure all speech is delivered effectively.


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