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Dragonfly Makeup Artists


Transforming faces… for better or for worse

In 1973, Dick Smith was responsible for turning 13 year old Linda Blair into one of films most iconic Demons of all time. Make-Up artists have the task of ensuring that makeup and hairstyles are appropriate to the nature of the film/character, whether this be a full Exorcist style transformation or just a well thought out touch up. Make-up is a key element in creating the desired look for an actor or actress and can completely alter the quality of a film. Although we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of technology surrounding the appearance of cast members in film, good old fashioned makeup remains a steadfast part of the process for many.

Hiring a Makeup Artist will help you to exercise your creative licence and aid you in achieving the desired look for the cast of your video, allowing you to mould and shape your vision for completely off the wall characters, alter appearances in accordance with storyboards and scripting, or simply get your ‘talking head’ speaker feeling camera ready.


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