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Dragonfly Camera Operator


The detail-oriented technician

Camera Operators know camera technology inside out and this technical knowledge coupled with a creative eye enables them to perfectly capture the pictures required by the director. It is the Camera Operators job to interpret what is it the director wants from each shot, and work quickly to get the footage. They will assemble and set up all equipment, plan complex shots, find solutions to any technical problems, study scripts to make sure that they are aware of what needs to be captured, whilst all of the time being prepared to improvise or act quickly in response to change!

Hiring a Camera Operator recommended by Dragonfly will give you the confidence that your film is being shot on high quality equipment by someone who is passionate about producing stunning results. We don’t expect you to be technical experts, thats our job; you just fuel the fire with your ideas.


Creative Talent Sourcing with Dragonfly

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Dragonfly, a video production company in London.