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Motion Graphics Specialists Dragonfly


Bringing your brand to life

The job of the Motion Graphics Artist is to add life to a film through the use of mind blowing special effects, clashes of real life vs bizarre figments of imagination and stunning computer generated graphics. Motion Graphics Artists can create the illusion of life in drawings by manipulating light, colour, texture and shadow. They help to develop on storyboards by editing animations that have been produced. They are able to turn real life like images of objects into animated objects through the use of modelling techniques, and also use models to simulate the behaviour of animated objects in sequence.

Using a graphics in motion will help you to make the impossible special effects and actions that you have dreamed up for your video actually take place. Its these touches that really make your film stand out and we pride ourselves on seeing this as a challenge that we are keen to rise to. We will work with the visions for your script and storyboard and blow your mind with the special effects that we love utilising so much, after all, Dragonflies are show offs.


Creative Talent Sourcing with Dragonfly

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