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Animators at Dragonfly


Thought bubbles laser eyes? You name it!

Animators are basically the story tellers of the project, with a flair for dramatics. The Animator is a highly creative and artistically talented bod who is able to generate ideas for storyboards from concept, which are then used to produce multiple images, called frames. Using these frames the Animator will make sure that the sequence of the storyboard artwork is in sync with the rest of the video. Although the quality of the work produced by the animator depends on the artists capability, there is also an ever increasing use of software packages in this role. Typical specialist software packages used by the animator include Flash, 3d studio max, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage and Cinema 4D.

Using a Animator is akin to hiring an illustrator for your film, punctuating your unique content with even more unique aesthetically pleasing designs or characters. Our talented Animators will work with you to suss out your requirements and decide on the best way to guide your storyboard and creatively add illustration to your content.


Creative Talent Sourcing with Dragonfly

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