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Dragonfly Colourist


Manipulates emotions via the medium of colour

The Colourist is a crafty individual who has the ability to enhance the sensory quality of the video by creating a continuous look that reflects the mood that the director or producer wants to emulate, and manipulate the emotions of the viewer. Firstly information will be gathered about the film; such as what medium it was shot in, information about exposure and how much information the digital or HD format will record. This is a highly creative role and each scene will be considered individually to ensure continuity of the desired effect. The Colourist also fixes any mistakes that have been made – improving on the colour of pictures already shot and transforming the feel of scenes if need be. Creating a continuous colour scheme is called ‘Colour Grading’.

Hiring a Colourist is effectively like hiring an artist who is able to use colour to manipulate the emotions of the viewer. Colour Grading is what gives large scale films their polished look and uniform of continuous mood that is maintained throughout. We will work with you to create this high quality finish by ensuring that we fully understand what you need to convey during your video, giving you a high quality finish.


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