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Sound Design Service Dragonfly


The stuff that dreams are made of

Did you hear that? Your audience will.

The tinkling of wind chimes as they blow gently in the breeze, the distant echo of an ice cream van that reminds you of those hazy summer days, that unforgettable rising bassline as Jaws skulks through the water, about to attack his first victim…

Sound design in film is an incredibly important facet of the overall production. It gets under your audience’s skin and evokes a memory, a time and place, an emotion. It makes your video production a more sensory experience, and more likely to stick in your viewer’s mind.

Bespoke Music


With a bespoke sound track penned by one of our talented composers, Dragonfly can give your video that unique cinematic edge. We’ll make the hairs on the back of their necks stand to attention, lull them into a sense of security, get that catchy tune stuck in their head and make your audience remember watching your video.

By writing music and creating a soundtrack specifically designed for your video we can take careful control of the emotion and atmosphere we want to portray from second to second. This type of power makes it very easy to tell your story with real feeling, and make your video engaging and effective.

It’s not all dramatic scores and standing ovations, Audio corrections can make a crackly interview clear as a bell, cut out that pigeon that just wouldn’t stop cooing and otherwise spruce up the sound in your video. Using effective sound design or foley artistry in your video production not only ensures a professional touch, but is a proven technique to make sure your audience remembers you.

Bespoke Music


Let’s make some noise! It looks a bit silly when you watch someone dropping melons on the floor, or blowing into a cardboard tube, but the sounds that a foley artist can create will leave you speechless! A bespoke effect for your video could be the defining sound that sticks in everyone’s mind and has them twisting their tonsils off trying to imitate.

Our sound effect team’s genius approach to making noise will stun and excite you and your audience. We’ll punctuate your live action with realistic SFX and create otherworldly soundscapes to fully realise your imaginative animation.



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