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Video Crew

Video crew services and talent sourcing

Experienced and professional video professionals

The key to realising an effective video is in working with the right people, even great idea can be stifled by clumsy camera work or bad lighting. Luckily we have a team of experts in their fields who can not only work to the highest standards but will also draw on their years of experience to suggest new ways of doing things. From makeup artists to cameramen and lighting specialists, we can put a crack team together to suit your needs.

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boy with film strip

Video Editor

Putting together all the pieces of video, sound, still images and graphics in a focused and imaginative way is a tricky job requiring the flair of a painter and the timing of a comedian.

animation finger puppet


True imagineers. Animators can make anything possible, either in a fully animated form, or by adding a layer of wonder to a live action video.

schoolgirl with colouring pencils


Colour can have a profound effect on people and colourists use that to their advantage, tweaking the feel of a film until it’s just right.

boy in film directors chair


It’s the director’s job to tell everyone what to do, where to be and how to act on a shoot. A good director can get the most out of the crew and get the right shots first time.

girl with film clipper


The mastermind behind your video, the Producer will select a team to work with and manage the project to make sure it’s on track and on budget.

polaroid picture


Believe it or not a still photographer can be a great asset in a video production. If you need inspired shots of your product or other stills, hiring a pro is the best option.

caucasian girl with headphones

Sound Recordist

Sound is just as important as the visual aspect of your video and a good sound recordist knows how to make sure everything comes out crystal clear.

a teleprompter

Teleprompter Operator

Puts the words in people’s mouths, literally. A teleprompter operator can be key in ensuring smooth delivery and efficient broadcasting.

Vector animation

Motion Graphics Artist

Anyone can plaster flying shapes all over your video, but a real artist can enhance your message and your brand with well considered motion graphics.

closeup of a trainer


The life-blood of a production. In an often loud and hectic environment runners are the quick-footed messengers and bearers of tea that keep everyone going.

Talent scouts

Good talent is hard to find. Or so at least the saying would have you believe.

With our connections we have some fantastic talent across the UK and abroad, just waiting at the end of a phone line. Of course we don’t mean that literally, but we’ve had the privilege of working with some excellent talent on past productions, and have a large black book with a lot of names in it!

Whether you need to fill that child actor’s spot, find the right voice over artist to represent your brand, or that specific look to complete your vision, we guarantee that we will be able to help you source the right acting talent for your film.

For more information on our shoot crewing services and talent sourcing, get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for!

Freelance video crew

Having produced countless videos throughout the years we have a vast database of freelancers that we’ve worked with, and with whom we maintain professional relationships to this very day.

As such, we have a real wealth of talented guys and girls that we can put you in touch with if you’re looking for additional members of your shoot crew.

From videographers equipped with their own top of the line cameras to directors of photography with their own rigs, we have crew members to cover every position.

All of our crew members come with credits to their name and enthusiasm for the job, so if you’re understaffed or just need that extra hand on set one day, get in touch and we will find the right person for any position.

Making your life easier

Organising a video shoot can be extremely stressful – trust us. We know. It’s one thing organising the location and arranging the schedule, it’s another making sure you have the right people on set that can deliver the job you need them to.

Our extensive experience at running a video production company means that we have links with excellent freelancers and talent that available on a sliding scale depending upon your budget. Let us take that weight off of your mind.

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