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Animated Explainer Videos

Browse some different video explainer style options below

Hand Drawn Animation

Hand drawn animation gives a video powerful emotional content. It’s nostalgia, homeliness and Lo-fi vibe.


Vector Animation Large02 Stat

Vector Animation

Vector animation often allows cleaner, smoother animation with bold colours and striking visuals.


animation production

Motion Design

Seriously enhance the effectiveness of your production with moving graphics that won't be forgotten.


Infographic Large Stat

Animated Infographic

Explain your service efficiently, clearly and with style. Show the inner workings of your product.


3d Animation

3D Animation

High quality and for its state-of-the-art feel that can make your brand be noticed in an instant.



3D Character Animation

Grab your audience by the eye-balls with a 3d animated video that Pixar would be proud of.



Character Animation

Our character animators breathe life in characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality.


Simple and Effective Explainer Videos

Show your latest project, or tell your story, in a clear and concise way

So you’ve got a product or service, and now you want to sell it, but how do you do that with a video?

  • Animated explainer videos are now the most exciting and effective way to showcase your business and tell your story.
  • Did you know that 85% of people* are more likely to buy your product or use your services if it has been showcased in an explainer video?

In case you haven’t heard, explainer videos have fast become one of the most crucial modern marketing tools for any business attempting to effectively showcase what they do and who they are. Whilst animation used to be the preserve of children’s media, it is now being used in exciting and revolutionary new ways as a part of the next generation of infographics. Animated explainer videos can show case data and information in an easily digestible and engaging format and can simply illustrate large amounts of content. These effective videos explain to your audience how to use your product or service in a fun visual manner, and as videos have been proven to be more efficient at delivering information and more memorable than the written word, it would take centre stage on your website.

Animated explainers in action

Here’s some explained videos we made earlier!


Midlands Psychology

This video is an example of Dragonfly's best work. The brief from our client was to create a compelling and engaging short film that would effectively convey positive messages about an autism service for children and the transformation in service provision that was being achieved by the service.


This animation was produced by the Dragonfly team to grab attention. Our animators have previously worked with Pixar and our objective was to create an animated promo for our company which was as good looking as any cinema grade 3D animated feature.


This video was created for Fish4Jobs. They asked us to produce an animated video which highlighted the fact that the best employees are not searching through job adverts and that employers need clever ways to attract the right talent.

Dragonfly Animation

This animation is something we produced for ourselves. Take a look, it explains all of the reasons why you should be working with Dragonfly!


This video was produced for AAT to welcome new members. Our client had a lot to say with this video, so scriptwriting and pre-production planning played a big part in ensuring this video ticked all of the boxes.

Imperial College

We were asked by Imperial College to produced a series of animated and live action videos, to promote their facilities and courses to potential students. The videos follow a distinct brand style and have been rolled out across a variety of platforms including social media.


Dragonfly jumped at the chance to create this animation for Sea Life Centre. The team adopted a hand drawn style and enjoyed every moment animating fish, seahorses and sea turtles. The finished animated video is the result of 100s of hours work, which has real artistic merit.


An informative video which has real entertainment value. Our client wanted to avoid the usual local government video style and produce something which was really engaging. Our brief was to boil down the subject into a punchy script and develop a creative and effective visual style.

Natural History Museum

The National History Museum hosted National Insect Week each year and in 2014, Dragonfly were asked to produce two animated videos to screen at the event. We decided on a hand drawn approach and a traditional 'text book' style for these animations, something which suited the educational objective.

Northampton Council

Produced as part of the government’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ initiative, Dragonfly was commissioned to create a first-of-its- kind DVD to help primary school children make choices about their transition to secondary school.


Dragonfly animated the Type 26 frigate for BAE Systems to assist them in a bid to build new warships for the Australian government. The 3D animated ship produced by the Dragonfly team was central to a multi-billion dollar bid to supply Australia’s navy.


Created for Morrisons Utility Services, this 3D animated training video involved rendering characters as good-looking as any Pixar movie. The Dragonfly animators demonstrated their ability to produce very high end animated content of the highest standard.

Still need persuading?

Here’s a few more reasons why you need an explainer video on your website.

Without the need for gimmicks or bells and whistles these videos can give you an increase in conversions, greater user engagement and further customer satisfaction. In helping you connect with prospective customers, they can be as useful for start ups as for corporations, and can help to solidify your brand’s reputation as both engaging and accessible. Google rank businesses based on how long people spend on your website and an explainer video is an invaluable tool for keeping people viewing, which in turn keeps you high up the search engine rankings.

Animation is a fun, memorable way of bringing infographics to life and can help to make your product or service appear as interesting and exciting. Visualized information can really help to break down potentially complex material and can increase customer awareness of relevant statistics that they might otherwise ignore. Static infographics have become stale in recent times, but an animated explainer video is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. A well produced explainer video with engaging visuals and a killer script is by far the most effective way to market your business in today’s Internet age. Easily digestible, fun and unique videos are the future, and Dragonfly is here to help you with yours!

Why choose Dragonfly to produce your animation?

How do you make an explainer video?

Here at Dragonfly we provide a bespoke and yet fully comprehensive service.

With an explainer video the most important part is the script. It needs to be concise, simple, straightforward, informative and interesting. It needs to get across all the information your audience needs, in a way that keeps them both entertained and intrigued.

Luckily for you, Dragonfly’s in house script writers specialise in exactly this process – and they’re very good at what they do.

The first step is to collect all the information. We get you to explain to us just what you want to get across, what you hope to achieve with the video and how you want to go about it. We’ll finely tune each line of dialogue to perfectly support your message and provide the audience with all relevant information in a succinct manner.

We’ll then carefully select the right voice artist for the job from our pool of talented vocalists. You can either choose how you want to project to sound or get some expert advice from us about the tone we think you’re message should take.

It’s then up to the production crew to produce striking animations or live action videos to accompany your explainer. Our post-production crew will make sure everything looks pretty and there you have it, our explanation of how we make explainer videos.

Simple, right? Get in touch and let’s get something made!

Explainer video production

Communicate in a clear and concise way

Dragonfly specialise in crafting simple explainer videos that communicate information clearly and concisely. Explainer videos are at the forefront of modern marketing; you’ll see an increase in conversions, more engaged customers, and an overall boost in business. The fact that 85% of people* are more likely to buy your product if they see it an explainer video, together with the way in which visualised information is easier to retain, demonstrate how these videos can improve your business. It’s simple science.

One of our videos in action

Here is a video we produced for Imperial Business School. It effectively illustrates how explainer videos break down potentially complicated information into an easily digestible and fun format.

Explainer videos are a surefire way of getting your message across simply and effectively and can be as useful for start-ups as for corporations. Animated explainers especially are a fun, visual and exciting means of breaking down potentially complex information and can solidify your brand whilst increasing customer awareness.

Beyond the proven accessibility of visualised information,  having an explainer video on your website can also increase your search engine rankings. Google’s algorithm ranks businesses based on how long people spend on your website and having your own engaging video content online will certainly keep people viewing.

As a promotional tool, explainer videos provide clarity and simplicity yet at the same time make you stand out from the crowd. These unique videos are the future, and Dragonfly is here to help you with yours!

A simple explanation

The script needs to get across all your information in a way that keeps the audience entertained and engaged. Luckily for you, our in house script writers are very good. After the script is signed off we’ll get the right voice artist for the job – Then it’s on to the production crew, who will produce the visual content. Our post-production team will make sure everything looks pretty and there you have it. Simple, right? Get in touch, and find out just how easy it is to make a video with Dragonfly.

Explainer videos

A straight forward explainer video from Dragonfly is undoubtedly the most powerful marketing resource you can have at your disposal. You’ll see greater user engagement, an increase in customers and further client satisfaction. That’s a fact.

One of our explainers

We made this video for Imperial Business School. It effectively showcases how explainer videos relay potentially complicated information in a simple, engaging way.

Explain yourself!

We’ll write a compelling script, get the right voice artist for the job – then our production crew will produce the visual content. Our post-production team will make sure everything looks pretty and there you have it. A simple explainer video from Dragonfly.

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