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Architectural Animation

Architectural Animation

3D Animated Flythrough videos

Our animation team can work with your blueprints to forge an exact 3D replica of your construction, displaying its most intricate details – from the colour of the wall paper to the property’s furnishings and the local environment.

Commission an architectural film that sells – a sped-up video that demonstrates the scale of the construction process for prospective clients, or an exact replica that shows your market just what to expect from your finished building.

From minute long micro films to full documentary pieces, we can shoot, animate and edit together a beautiful film about your buildings from land and air.

Once a practice that was only affordable on big budget projects, architectural and aerial filming has become a mainstay of Dragonfly’s services thanks to advances in 3D modelling software and camera-equipped drones.

3D Architectural animation

Capture the development of your architectural project as it blossoms into life. Make an impact on your prospective clients with an architectural fly-through, and get that unique angle that will really show your building off.

Dragonfly excel in the kind of 3D modeling and fly-through animations that will make your presentation unforgettable. Whether you’re trying to sell property, or convince shareholders, make sure you choose a production company who can deliver the goods.

Architectural videos

Convince councils, reassure your shareholders and make an impact by capturing the very best of your project. Dragonfly are experts at this kind of work and we’ll get those unique angles that really show your building off.

Property & Real Estate videos

When you’re trying to sell a high value property with video advertising you need to be using a professional video production company which accepts nothing but the very best in quality.

Dragonfly prides itself on its meticulous approach to film production. Capturing the character of the property at its finest, we’ll ensure every architectural detail is brought to life in a way that will captivate your potential buyers.

From lighting and interior design elements to external surroundings, our approach will bring the magic of cinema to your property video, ensuring the viewer is taken on a virtual tour that leaves them with all the right ideas.

Sold yet?

Capture the development of your architectural project as it blossoms into life. Wow your prospective clients with architectural fly-throughs and get that unique angle that will haunt your viewers’ imagination.

A well made video can entice investors, convince councils and close deals. Get in touch with Dragonfly today to start building your architectural animation!

Sold yet?

A well made and original animated video will entice investors, convince authorities and close deals. Get in touch with Dragonfly today, so we can break new ground with your architectural animation!

Sold yet?

Close deals, impress the public, or present a project that is still in the design stage. Get in touch with Dragonfly today and we’ll start building a game-changing architectural animation for your development.

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