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3D Animation

Welcome to the World of 3D Animation

The best way of taking your audience to another dimension.

Using 3D animation, Dragonfly can give your video a world of depth. 3D animation is really still developing and every year, as more and more advances are made in rendering, new levels of reality become possible. It’s an exciting time to be a part of such a vivid and creative method of working!

At Dragonfly we keep ahead of the game by hiring leaders and innovators in their field and by investing in our equipment and software to make sure we’re at the cutting edge of this brave new world.


Check out some examples of our previous 3D work:

Want to know more about 3D Animation?

It’s not all Disney Pixar.

3D animation takes place in a three-dimensional space, involving the creation of digital assets that can be rotated and moved around –  just like real objects. You’ve probably seen a fair amount of 3D animation already – from product advertisements to visual effects in movies, 3D animation techniques are a favourite in the high-end sectors of video production. 

3D animation can be used to achieve impressive, cinematic quality videos. This style of animation is usually used commercially, due it’s high quality, block-buster feel. Using 3D animation is guaranteed to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

3D animation isn’t all Dreamworks and Disney Pixar – so don’t be put off if that’s not your bag. Just because you’re not looking for a fun, colourful fairy story, doesn’t mean that 3D animation won’t be of use to you. This style of animation is a great tool to launch your new product, create new environments, develop cutting edge pitches – you name it.

But – if you are looking for something a bit more character based, check out our 3D character animation section. There’s something really exciting waiting for you there:

3d Animation in Action!

This particular animation was commissioned by BAE Systems. Our client wanted to create an impressive 3d animation to really grab peoples’ attention so, of course, they came to Dragonfly.

Our team kicked off the production aiming high. We knew exactly what was required and how to get the job done, why? Because we’d taken the time to consult with the client fully, and because we had experienced artists at the top of their game on our team.

3D Animation Production

It’s Toy Story, Monsters, it’s everything Pixar – and with Dragonfly, it can be yours too. 3d Animation is no longer reserved for high budget productions and feature films. with new advances in computer generated animation this amazing visual tool is now affordable for businesses, large and small.

3D Animation

With Dragonfly 3d Animation like Toy Story is no longer reserved for high budget productions – it’s available now, and affordable for businesses like yours to use.

Our 3d animation studio

It all starts with an idea. Our artists will make sure they work closely with you to get all your thoughts on paper before we develop your animation and breathe life into your concept in our 3d studio. We can create almost anything you can imagine, and make it wonderful and memorable. Get in touch to find out more, and get a Dragonfly animation made just for you!

Our 3d studio

Our artists will make sure they work closely with you to get your idea on paper before we breathe life into your concept in our 3d studio! Get in touch to find out more and to get a Dragonfly animation made just for you.

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