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Filming 'Vox-Pop' Interviews

‘The voice of the people.’ On video

Vox populi, usually referred to as vox-pops in the media world, is a Latin phrase that literally means ‘the voice of the people.’ This usually takes the form of a short segment for radio or television in which people passing by in a public place are asked their opinion on a particular subject.

Dragonfly can help you use a vox-pop to influence decision makers by showing the public’s opinion on a matter, to help forecast events or just to stimulate public debate. You can think of it generally as an opinion poll, but the answers you get depend very much on the questions you ask.

Vox-Pop videos

‘Vox-pop’ means the ‘voice of the people’ – it’s like an opinion poll to show what the people on the street are really thinking. Often used in news inserts and radio segments, a good vox-pop can not only shed light on public feeling, it can influence decision makers as well. We have a small team ready to get out there and catch the first reactions, or test the tide of opinion.


Vox-pops are the voice of the people, like an opinion poll to show what the people on the street really think. Often used in news inserts, a good vox pop sequence can shine light on people’s opinions and stimulate public debate

Action and reaction

If you’re trying to test public opinion and reaction, or to boost sales or increase your audience, then your vox-pops must be published or broadcast while the issue is still in the forefront of the public mind.

Dragonflies are known for their speed and agility, and we’re no different. With a small and experienced crew ready to go we have the facility to get that first reaction, and to quickly edit our findings – or even broadcast them live. We’re practically an emergency service for keeping your finger on the public pulse.

The heart of the matter

At Dragonfly we have a long background in the broadcasting industry, so this kind of work is second nature. We’re approachable, enthusiastic and engaging with the public – and we’ll think of everything for you when it comes to capturing what the street is thinking. Get in touch with Dragonfly, and let us get in touch with your audience.

The whole truth

Making the most of public opinion relies on reacting quickly, Dragonflies are fast and we can help you keep your finger on the pulse.

We’re also experts at filming the public in a polite and engaging way, so get in touch with Dragonfly and we’ll get in touch with your audience!

Up close and personal

Getting what you need from a vox-pop can be a tricky and frustrating process. Where should you film? What questions have you prepared? Who will be willing to stop and talk to you? At Dragonfly we have a strong team of people with long backgrounds in the broadcasting industry for whom this kind of work is second nature.

From obtaining the right to film in public places and making sure consent forms are signed, to being approachable, enthusiastic and engaging with the public, Dragonfly will think of everything for you when it comes to capturing what the public think. Get in touch with us, and we’ll get in touch with your audience.

We also undertake excellent talking head interviews for corporate videos.

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