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Conference filming Dragonfly


Make your next conference one to remember

We wouldn’t be one of London’s leading production companies if we didn’t offer that little bit more from your conference video. We will come to wherever you are, set up on the day, and be waiting to capture every facet of the conference. All we need to know is when, where and what you want to use the footage for. Why? Because our editors will piece together the conference in a way that best suits your needs.

If you simply need the conference recorded to show to your future clients, or to keep a record of what went on, then we’ll just cut all of the footage together, polish it a little and hand it over. If you want to engage people, show a tangible level of excitement and get people raring to come to your next event then we can do that too. Using multiple cameras we can grab shots of the audience’s reactions, cut to various angles to keep their attention and create something with that little added sparkle that only film brings.

We’ll also format your conference video for whatever platform you want to broadcast it on. Our packages offer you the best option for your intended purposes, so all you need to do is press play.

Event Filming Services


With the time and expense that you push into a good conference, it seems a waste not to create a conference video. It can be streamed live on the web as well as edited together to form a ‘highlights’ video. Filming a conference is not a simple task, the events are often similar to theatre and once in flow, there can be no interruptions. Our camera team are often not able to position themselves on stage with the speakers and so certain techniques must be used to ensure good picture quality as well as clear sound.

Maximise the reach of your event


Why limit your conference video to after the event – have you considered streaming the whole event live on the web? Or if a speaker can’t make it incorporating live broadcasts in your conference? The possibilities are there, the choices are yours.

With Dragonfly providing your conference filming you can create an interactive virtual conference to publish on your website, and extended highlights for your show reel. We can also bring in additional elements to the final product including bonus Q&A sessions, talking heads and introductory footage, as well as animated logos that give the final video that little bit extra.



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