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Video Marketing


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DON’T LET hours of production GO TO WASTE


If you’ve made a thoughtful, creative and inspiring video then well done – you’re half way there. Even the best videos are ineffective if the right people don’t get to see them. That’s why proper video marketing isn’t just advisable, it’s essential!

We can help you release your production in the right places, at the right time, make sure they reach your audience and get the most out of your investment.



a buzz

Whether you want to screen viewings at promotional events, release a teaser video to build up a buzz, or create targeted and coherent advertising across social media platforms we can work with you to create a bespoke and focused campaign that will make sure your message is heard.

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video marketing services

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video marketing strategy MARKETING TOOLS

Video Performance

A well-crafted advertising campaign sticks in the mind, gets under the skin and makes an indelible mark in the memory of its audience, in today’s world video with these qualities is known as ‘sticky.’

Whether it’s pulling on their emotions, causing them to grab hold of their ribs with laughter, or shocking them into a stunned silence, our campaigns seek to burst through the viewer’s eyes and weave their way into their synapses.




Get recognised with
Viral Video

Some people say that you can’t predict what will go viral…

We disagree

By using in depth psychological evaluation and engineering every last detail of your video we can give it the edge when it comes to being shared.

Get recognised with
Viral Content

We know just how to become the next big thing.

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We’ve run video campaigns that have received

thousands of shares

and produced short animated clips that have appeared on sites all over the internet.

The trick is to understand what kind of content people are not only going to like, but feel compelled to share with their friends across social media. Check out our Video SEO Services.


Media Booking
and Buying

Tactical planning for media purchases

Strategic media management.

With Dragonfly’s media booking service, our sole aim is to produce positive, profitable results for our clients. So if you’re ready to take the next step with your video advertising, get in touch with our team and find out how we can boost your company’s brand awareness through strategic media buying.

Cutting through the sales pitch

We’ve dealt with hundreds of advertisers in the past and know how to see past the flash pitch and the smokescreen, ensuring that the deal for your advertising space is the best available.

We have connections with sales departments and a priceless knowledge of current trends within advertising that will ensure a profitable campaign.

Using a media agency

Now, more than ever, media buying has become a critical part of a business’ marketing strategy. The way that we approach advertising is changing for good.

Programmatic advertising is making it even easier for businesses to target their exact market place, based upon consumer search history. We can ensure that your video content is getting into the best advertising space your money can buy.


Video Advertising Strategy:

keeping our eyes
on the prize

A targeted plan of action to make sure your video gets seen.

You need to get your video production noticed, but it can be hard to compete in a world where hours and hours of video content is uploaded every minute. How do you ensure your video stands out from the crowds?

Planning your
winning strategy

This means that when you come to us with your brand or your company’s goals, we’ve already done our homework

With our bespoke video advertising strategies you don’t have to worry about your video getting lost, we can take care of every last detail for you.

At Dragonfly we are constantly studying the trends in successful video marketing, watching video go viral and learning how people engage with online content







It’s easy to
get lost out there…


It’s one thing producing a video for your market place or to create brand awareness, but how do you get your audience to actually watch it?

Campaigns that work on
every screen

With over 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube alone every minute of the day, the amount of video content out there is almost unfathomable and many people find that their content gets no more than a few dozen views.

Having been around the block, and back again, we’ve developed a vast network of industry leaders and useful contacts that we can rely on to help create a buzz. We have the connections to get your film out there, and seen in the right circles.



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Standing our

from the crowd

By using the right mark-up languages, keyword phrases and other internet sorcery we can boost your chances of ranking higher in search results, driving more viewers to your videos, and more visitors to your site. It sounds geeky and technical, we know, but it gets real results.

So let’s talk about making the most of your investment with our tailored video marketing schemes that will have everyone and their dog talking about your production.



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