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Why Video Is A Must


  •  First impressions count and content is king. Videos should engage the audience and create a positive impression of your brand.
  • Ensure videos convey key information in a clear and concise manner – make the customer’s life easier. Avoid waffle and superfluous information.
  • Leverage audio and visual effects in the video. Using music to set the mood and voice-overs for narration
  • A video should be your virtual sales rep. Make the user journey seamless. Use call to actions and direct users to sales/conversion pages.

Any Video Company will know the importance of a welcome video to a company’s website. That’s why in corporate video production, it’s of paramount importance to construct your video in a way that will not only give the first time viewer a strong impression of your brand, but lead directly on to opening up leads and generating sales.

As we all know, first impressions are everything! And never is this truer than in the world of sales. A potential customer visiting your website for the first time is effectively setting their foot into your shop. If they look around and see nothing but dreary text, they’re not going to be inspired to utilise your services, or buy your products.

Much like if you wanted a night out and you walked into a vacant bar with a glum landlord, you would about-turn and look instead for somewhere that had a bit more of an atmosphere – a vibe that inspires you. Producing video content is a sure fire way of doing this, but let’s take a look at the 3 major reasons why it’s so important!


Make The Customer’s Life Easier

It’s far easier to sit and watch information than it is read right? With a shop-front video on your website, the customer has a sense of interaction with the company with almost zero effort on their part. This makes them not only feel welcome but serves as an avenue to get across key information about your business that may help generate that lead!


Hit Their Senses

The second benefit is that you are able to connect with the viewer in visual and audio forms simultaneously, the use of music (to set the mood) or a voice over (to describe the action), played over demonstrations of your product or service will have a much better and more controlled impact than just an image with text. Using the power of video you can cause a lasting impact on your users, getting a song stuck in their head or creating strong branded visuals that will remain memorable.


Direct Them!

By greeting a visitor with a video you have the opportunity to help direct them to the most useful place of your website, for example if you need certain customers to be on a specific page you can save them crawling around your website by mentioning at the end of your video,


“for our X product go straight to the Y page”

Pushing your users into a sales funnel through video is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. It ensures that they have a clear journey set out before them and those who are looking to purchase are sure to follow it!

So think of your home page video as your virtual sales rep. The index to your site and your brand. It will give your audience a face or at least an image to put to your company, explain your business in clear and simple terms and offer them simple direction to purchase. You’ll rarely see a homepage without video content nowadays, so don’t get left behind!

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