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Top 10 Promotional Videos

By 25th March 2024April 2nd, 2024No Comments
A filmmaker in a white cap, holding a camera, films a man in a suit and a woman, possibly embracing, in a bathroom setting with a large bathtub filled with bubbles. The scene looks like it could be straight out of one of the top 10 promotional videos, capturing their close, intimate moment.

Promotional videos, including animated promo videos, are essential tools for businesses seeking to engage their audience with impactful storytelling and visuals. Whether introducing innovations, simplifying concepts, or presenting services, these videos effectively convey messages with clarity and influence. Here, we’ll explore ten outstanding examples that redefine creativity and effectiveness in promotional content.

Top 10 Promotional Videos

Planet Theta – Dragonfly

Dragonfly’s case study highlights the award-winning commercial for Planet Theta, introducing a new dating approach within the Metaverse. The campaign emphasizes the platform’s effectiveness as a matchmaker and its potential for successful real-world relationships, showcasing the innovative use of promotional videos in advertising campaigns.


Heinz dares to be different in this animated promotional video, embracing the magic of animations and visual storytelling to present their offering in a genuine and organic way. The video evokes emotions, making viewers feel like they’re part of a relatable experience inspired by their own lives, demonstrating the power of promotional videos to evoke emotions.

Playstation – Dragonfly

Dragonfly’s case study details the Christmas commercial for Sony Playstation VR headset featuring Santa Claus. The humorous and engaging storyline emphasizes the importance of authenticity and cinematic visuals, resulting in a successful ad campaign, demonstrating how promotional videos can create memorable brand experiences.


Hubspot’s promotional video asserts its leadership in the industry, inviting viewers to join them on their journey to improve business operations. It boldly establishes a flag in the industry and encourages other businesses to follow suit.

Cadbury & Oreo

This animated masterpiece brings the friendship of Cadbury and Oreo to life, intertwining the essence of both brands in a compelling narrative. Each frame evokes cherished memories, building an emotional connection with the viewer and immersing them in waves of nostalgia, a hallmark of effective promotional videos.


Dragonfly’s collaboration with M&C Saatchi produced a series of promotional videos for Peroni Nastro Azzuro, elevating the brand’s profile by linking it with couture fashion shows and exhibitions. These videos exude fashionable elegance, aligning Peroni with high-profile projects and enhancing its brand image, showcasing the impact of promotional videos in shaping brand identity and perception.


Chipotle’s promotional video elegantly dives into the art of subtle persuasion, captivating viewers through visual storytelling without overtly marketing their product. Tapping into nostalgia, the video forges genuine connections and engages viewers in an interactive experience, showcasing the versatility of promotional videos.


Suzuki’s promotional video portrays the car as an integral part of family life, showcasing its adaptability and usefulness within a family setting. The concept highlights the car as the fifth member of the family, emphasizing its versatility and practicality, illustrating the diverse applications of promotional videos in advertising.


Mailchimp’s brand video excels in bringing personality to B2B marketing, connecting with like-minded people and potential customers through relatable and engaging content. It demonstrates the challenges faced by new business owners and offers simple solutions to grow their businesses, leveraging the power of promotional videos.

Harvey Distillery

This engaging promotional video captures attention immediately with a close-up of a liquid-covered fresh peach, showcasing the brand and star ingredient in a fast-paced and visually captivating manner. It maintains non-stop motion from start to finish, leaving a lasting impression, a testament to the effectiveness of promotional videos in capturing attention.

Ready to elevate your brand with captivating promotional videos? Contact Dragonfly and let us bring your vision to life with our expertise in storytelling and visual creativity.

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