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AI in Video Production

By 20th March 2024No Comments
A diverse group of eight smiling people, both men and women, stands together in casual and professional attire against a gradient background. The word "CREATIVES" is displayed in bold letters behind them, highlighting their expertise in AI and video production.

AI In Video Production: How AI Can Support Creatives and Not Replace Them

We understand the importance of AI and its inevitable growth trajectory. Rather than shying away from it, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most progressive video production companies in the UK by embracing AI technologies. However, it’s crucial to debunk the myths surrounding AI. Many creatives understandably fear that AI will replace their roles and work. We firmly believe that creatives should view AI as a tool to enhance their work, not as a threat to their craft.

AI Will Not Replace Our Creatives.

At Dragonfly, we acknowledge that AI can never replace the talent and skill of our production crew. Instead, we leverage AI to complement and amplify their creative vision and workload. For instance, we utilize AI to generate images for storyboards and keyframes, as a way to inspire creative thoughts and gain inspiration. AI also streamlines our production process by automating mundane tasks, allowing our producers and project managers to focus on more strategic aspects of our projects. Clients may not directly witness this behind-the-scenes AI integration, but they benefit from the efficiency it brings to their projects.

Strategic planning is another area where AI proves invaluable for Dragonfly. Depending on the objectives of a video project, we harness AI algorithms to optimize content for search engine rankings and ensure adaptability to evolving AI-driven search algorithms.

How AI Drives Cost-Efficiency in Video Production

One significant benefit of integrating AI into our video production process is the potential for cost reduction for our clients. By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, AI helps us work more efficiently, which translates to savings in both time and resources.

For instance, AI-powered voice recognition technology can transcribe audio content accurately and swiftly, eliminating the need for manual transcription services that can be both time-consuming and costly. By automating the transcription process, we can significantly reduce production expenses while maintaining a high level of accuracy, ensuring that our clients receive professional-quality transcripts without breaking the bank. This cost-saving measure allows us to allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately delivering exceptional value to our clients without compromising on quality.

Additionally, AI-driven analytics can provide valuable insights into audience preferences and trends, allowing us to tailor our content for maximum impact without the need for extensive market research.

By leveraging AI technologies, we can deliver high-quality videos to our clients at a lower cost, making professional video production more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Where AI Misses The Mark When It Comes To Video Production

We want to emphasize that AI will never replace our human touch. Clients will never receive scripts or animations generated solely by AI. The essence of creativity and emotion that humans infuse into their work cannot be replicated by machines.

Our perspective on the growth of AI echoes sentiments shared by Richard Osman in his podcast, ‘The Rest Is Entertainment.’ While AI’s capabilities continue to advance, the notion of it completely replacing human roles in video production remains distant. The environmental implications of scaling AI to such levels also pose significant challenges, as the energy demands and carbon emissions associated with data centres housing AI processing units are substantial. Richard also observes that AI, despite its advancements, often falls short of fully replicating human capabilities. Just as self-driving cars may feel almost complete but still lack that last 10% of human intuition, AI in creative endeavours similarly leaves a gap that only human creativity can fill.

Don’t Get Pulled Into The “Online Video Maker” Trend

AI-powered video creation tools may promise convenience, but they often result in generic, templated content that lacks the creativity and originality necessary to stand out in a crowded online space. When every video looks the same, it’s challenging to capture viewers’ attention and drive meaningful engagement. In a sea of over four billion new content pieces added to Google each day, your video risks getting buried beneath the noise if it doesn’t offer something unique and compelling.

While it’s true that “content is king,” the true king is content that is authentic, captivating, and tells a compelling story. A video slideshow or an explainer video created using generic online explainer video maker tools may serve a purpose, but they lack the human touch and creativity that sets them apart. When scrolling through social media feeds or researching a new company, it’s the videos with a narrative arc and a genuine story behind them that capture our attention and leave a lasting impression.

At its core, effective video content is about connecting with audiences on an emotional level, eliciting a response, and driving action. AI-generated content may check the boxes in terms of technical proficiency, but it often misses the mark when it comes to evoking genuine emotions and fostering meaningful connections with viewers.

Moreover, relying solely on AI to produce video content overlooks the value of human creativity and ingenuity. While AI can assist in streamlining certain aspects of the production process, it cannot replicate the nuanced storytelling and creative vision that humans bring to the table. Authenticity and originality are essential elements of successful video content, and these qualities can only be achieved through human input and creative direction.

Instead of solely relying on AI-powered tools, businesses should prioritize investing in human creativity and expertise to produce video content that resonates with their target audience. Collaborating with skilled videographers, writers, and storytellers allows for the creation of unique and compelling videos that capture the essence of a brand and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Last Thoughts…

Dragonfly views AI as a powerful tool to aid our creative, not as a replacement for human ingenuity. This blog uses AI, as it was crafted with the assistance of ChatGPT to ensure clarity and inclusion of key points while retaining our unique voice and opinions (But in the end, I still have to edit through the content, adding that human touch.)

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