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Fashion Videos

Captivating Fashion Videos

Film and Fashion – a beautiful and lasting combination

How things look and what they represent are both central aspects of film, and they translate perfectly into fashion video. Fashion designers and filmmakers alike understand the power of visual communication, the subtleties of style, and the creative process necessary for something magical to happen.

From planning the set design and lighting to sound, studio effects and, of course, the all-important sequences of live action shooting, Dragonfly applies technical expertise and painstaking attention to detail to bring brands to life on film.

Fashion Video Production

Fashion and film are much alike in some respects – it’s all about how things look and what they represent, the power of visual communication. Dragonfly understand the impact of small details and, at the end of the day, we’ll make that magic happen. We have the experience, the style and the attention to detail to make your fashion video shine.

Moving Fashion

We understand the impact a subtle detail can make, but we always keep an eye on the bigger picture. Dragonfly can cover every detail of your fashion video in style.

Ready for your close-up?

Whether you want to shoot an abstract expression of your latest collection’s aesthetics, showcase your designs for an online catalogue, or capture the glamour of your event on camera, Dragonfly knows what it takes to create fashion video fit for the catwalk.

We’ve got some of the best crew in our industry and we’ll make sure that we work hard to get every detail of your video right, after all – we want you to look your best.

We work well with others, and we can follow your lead

We’re well aware that your staff is made up of creative visionaries, we have a few as well, so we understand that you’re going to want a certain level of control and direction to make sure your film is completely your own. You don’t have to worry, we’re flexible, accommodating and here to assist you in making your vision a reality.

We can give you all the support you need to create a beautiful and stylish production – whether it’s a full team of directors and editors, or just an experienced and unobtrusive camera operator. Dragonfly have been making fashion videos a reality for years and we know how to play nice. Talk to us today about your idea or project and find out how we can help you make it real.

Ready for your close up?

You’re a creative bunch, and so are we – that’s why we understand the importance of getting your vision right. We won’t leave a trace on your film, just assist you in making it great. With a huge roll of directors, camera operators and editors we can get you the people you need to make your film a success.

Strike a pose!

Our film crews have years of experience and they’ll work hard to ensure your brand or event gets captured in the best light.

If you only want a bit of help with your video, we’ll make sure we don’t get in the way of your creative vision. Call Dragonfly today and let’s get to work.

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