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making a promotional video

Video: The Most Effective Way of Reaching Potential Customers

When considering methods of promoting your business or product, a promotional video may not be the first thing that springs to mind. For many companies, the idea of creating a video that involves a fair amount of work and commitment may seem unfeasible, and beyond the limits of your budget. However, in recent years the power of the Internet has grown immensely, and producing a promotional video has become the ultimate method of promoting your company. Despite promotional videos becoming a necessity for companies looking to expand and grow, the idea of hiring a video production company to produce a quality video is often overlooked. Many companies choose to produce their own promotional videos, which can have devastating effects on their reputation and image. By seeking the assistance of a video production company who are familiar with the steps required to create a quality video, there will be no need to reproduce the initial efforts, as a high standard will be guaranteed from the start. In this blog post, we will identify a few techniques that help make a professional video successful, and how to apply them effectively.

Company overview

When clients are searching for companies online, a large amount of research will have been carried out to ensure that the company is up to scratch, and it often comes down to the smallest details when deciding which company to opt for.

This is where a company overview can become very useful. A company overview involves providing a detailed background regarding the services and products that they offer, so that potential clients have something to refer to when considering becoming involved with your company. Not only does this provide a helpful database for the clients, but also it shows that there is nothing to hide within your company. You can also include information regarding the motives and goals of your company, as well as previous interviews with members of staff, to help clients gain a feel of the image that your company wants to project.

Product demonstrations

Too many companies rely on images when displaying their products online, and fail to realise the potential of video for demonstrating purposes. Videos do not only give clear and easy to follow instructions regarding the workings of the product, but can also engage with the viewer in an interactive manner. Nobody likes a know-it-all, so it’s important to find a balance between an informative and a patronising presentation, and to ensure that the product you are selling definitely needs a demonstration (most people know how to use a spoon, for example). Some technical products will require detailed explanations of how they operate, and video can allow for a comprehensive walkthrough. From a business point of view, a video will allow a company to demonstrate the ease with which their product operates, whilst highlighting the weaknesses in similar products from competitors.

If you’d like to know a little more about promotional videos, and about the ways in which Dragonfly could help you create the ultimate marketing tool for you business, reach out here.

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