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Putting a big digital flag on your video, to make sure it can be found

Did you know that your website is far more likely to rank higher on search engines if you have a video on board? You may not be aware, but it’s even possible to get your video on the first page of Google, if you find the right search terms. Imagine what that could do for your traffic.

You’ve heard the term ‘SEO’ being used. Perhaps you’ve read a few articles offering up the ‘Top 5 SEO tactics of all time’ and found yourself nodding along with no idea which of these snake-charmers’ tricks will even work. There’s so much information out there, and the goal posts are changing all the time so it can be hard to know what the best practice is for getting your content seen.


Our Video SEO services cut through all the rumour and superstition, and use tested techniques to improve the chances of your video turning up in internet search results. It’s that simple.

Well, not quite that simple, but you can leave the geeky, technical side to us. Using strategies like video tagging, schema mark-up and long tail keyword targeting, we can boost your viewer stats, increase brand awareness and improve your video production share-ability.


SEO optimisation has become a big business, but what can Video SEO do for you? Well, let’s look at the facts. 62% of universal Google searches produce video content on the first page – and video productions are 50 times more likely to gain a high Search Ending Results Page (SERP) listing than plain text pages.

When you see that video content gets 41% more clicks than plain text sites, and a website with a video on it keeps users engaged for an average of 2 more minutes, as well as producing 3 times more inbound links, you can start to see the benefits of optimising your video production for the web.

A more searchable video means a better return.
Gone are the days of dumping your content on social sharing channels like YouTube and Vimeo, and hoping for the best. Your video will be drowned out almost instantly by the hours of content uploaded every second, and will essentially become invisible.

You need to make sure you are getting the best out of the money you’ve already spent on your video, and the best way to do this is to enhance its chances of appearing on the front pages of Google or YouTube.

So if you’ve got a great video that just isn’t getting you anywhere and you want to increase your advertising revenue, contact us learn about how we can kick it up a gear and start getting it noticed.

If you’re already commissioning a project with Dragonfly, then just let us know you’d be interested in our Video SEO services and we’ll combine it within our package price!


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